How Russians Are Treated In Montenegro

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How Russians Are Treated In Montenegro
How Russians Are Treated In Montenegro

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Montenegro is one of the most popular European resorts. In many ways, the country is thriving thanks to a developed tourism business, and therefore they are loyal to any foreign guests.

How Russians are treated in Montenegro
How Russians are treated in Montenegro

Holidays in Montenegro

Montenegro is part of the former Yugoslavia. Contrary to various stereotypes, tourism is highly developed there. The beaches of the Adriatic Sea, nightclubs and a huge number of architectural attractions - here everyone will find entertainment to their liking. Despite the fact that Montenegro is a country of the European level, prices are quite comfortable here, and almost any resident of Russia can visit this country.

Travel agencies provide a wide selection of various tours to Montenegro, which cost an average of 30-40 thousand rubles. This amount includes air travel from Moscow and back, accommodation in three-star or four-star hotels, guide services and honey. insurance.

How are Russians treated?

Against the backdrop of political adventures, aggressive rhetoric on social networks and television talk shows, among others, the question of nationalist sentiments in this wonderful southeastern resort increasingly pops up among the common man. Many Russians are very concerned about the attitude of the residents of the country they are going to visit towards the Russian people.

Of course, in Montenegro, as in many other countries, there are various nationalist groups and organizations. But they do not pose any significant threat - as a rule, these groups are associated with near football and their main activity is reduced to clarifying relations with the ultras of the rival teams.

In general, the topic of nationalism is practically not widespread in Europe. The general hysteria of Russophobia in the Internet space and on television is very rarely supported by real facts. As for Montenegro itself, it is one of the most comfortable countries for Russian-speaking tourists. The national language is Montenegrin, it is very similar to Serbian, which means it has a lot in common with Russian. Do not forget that this small and young country is economically dependent on its developed tourism, and therefore many residents of Montenegro know Russian at a good level. And therefore, there can be no communication problems for Russians in this country.

Montenegrins are very hospitable, patient and friendly, if a stranger has difficulties, they willingly try to help. The crime rate in the country is very low and the only problem for foreign citizens is street theft.

Nevertheless, there is a topic that is better not to bring up when dealing with locals. It is undesirable to try to discuss the collapse of Yugoslavia and subsequent events with the Montenegrins. This does not mean at all that aggression will immediately follow the questions of Montenegro's independence and joining NATO, but this topic is still quite painful for many local residents.

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