What Is "Romeo And Juliet"

What Is "Romeo And Juliet"
What Is "Romeo And Juliet"

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"Two equally respected families" … Well, who has not heard these words? Shakespeare's immortal tragedy "Romeo and Juliet" is inscribed on the golden tablets of world literature. What is this work about? Of course about love.

About what
About what

So, "In Verona, where events meet us" lived two clans - the Montagues and the Capulet. As is usual with family clans, feud was their favorite pastime. Representatives of noble families were at enmity, their relatives were at enmity, even servants working for one or another family were at enmity.

Once a fight broke out between the young representatives of the houses. The Duke of Verona, who was extremely dissatisfied with the feud between families and the damage that she causes to order in the city, tried to restore peace between the Montagues and the Capulet. But failing, he announced that henceforth any member of one of the clans who shed blood would die himself.

Romeo Montague, hopelessly in love with the beautiful Rosaline, prefers not to participate in the entertainment of his relatives, but indulges in sorrow and reflections on the sorrows of unrequited love. Benvolio, a cousin of Romeo, and Mercutio, a friend of the young man, try to entertain him, tearing him away from heavy thoughts. They persuade them to sneak into the Capulet's house for the holiday, where Rosalina should also be.

In the midst of the ball, the daughter of the owners of the house, a young thirteen-year-old Juliet Capulet and Romeo, get to know each other and immediately fall in love. However, the lovers soon find out that they can never be together because of the old feud of their families.

After the ball, Juliet goes out onto the balcony and aloud dreams of young Romeo, with all her heart wishing only one thing - that he was not a Montague. Romeo, hiding under the balcony, hears Juliet's sighs and does not remain indifferent to them. In the dark of the night, lovers give each other clutches, promising to be faithful and love.

After leaving Juliet at dawn, Romeo goes to the monk Lorenz to ask him to marry the lovers. At first, horrified by such a proposal, Lorenz nevertheless agrees, hoping that this marriage will reconcile both families.

But circumstances are against lovers. Firstly, Juliet's parents have their own views on their daughter - they plan to give her as a wife to Paris. And secondly, a duel breaks out between Tybalt, Juliet's cousin, and Mercutio, which Romeo unsuccessfully tries to stop. Mercutio is mortally wounded, and Romeo, beside himself with rage, catches up and kills Tybalt.

Romeo is exiled from Verona and heartbroken. Monk Lorenzo consoles the young man and advises him to take refuge nearby - in Mantua in order to wait for a convenient moment to return.

However, the misfortunes of lovers do not end there. Parents inform Juliet that she will become the wife of Paris. The girl is desperate. She rushes to Lorenzo and he gives her a special potion. Having accepted it, Juliet must fall asleep in a sleep so deep that it is indistinguishable from death.

And now Juliet is in the crypt of the Capulet, pale and cold. And to Romeo from Lorenzo sent a messenger with a letter. But the messenger is late - Romeo is no longer in Mantua. He, having learned about Juliet's death, already rushes to Verona in order to die with his beloved.

The last scene of the tragedy takes place in the Capulet family crypt. Here Romeo kills Paris and breaks into the crypt. He is amazed at how pure and bright Juliet lies in front of him. She is literally alive. Cursing those who took her beauty away from him, Romeo kisses Juliet and drinks poison.

Lorenzo, horrified by the return of his messenger with nothing, hurries to the crypt to the Capulet, but only manages to awaken Juliet. But the monk can no longer save the girl - Juliet sees her dead husband and in despair drives a dagger into the chest.

Lorenzo told Montague, the Capulet and the Duke about what had happened between the young Romeo and Juliet. This touching love and death of children brought the feuding families together. They finally shook hands and together decided to decorate the graves of the lovers with golden statues.The tragedy ends with the Duke's words that there is nothing in the world sadder than the fate of Romeo and Juliet.

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