How To Choose A Pectoral Cross

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How To Choose A Pectoral Cross
How To Choose A Pectoral Cross

Video: How To Choose A Pectoral Cross

Video: How To Choose A Pectoral Cross
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The cross is a symbol of the Orthodox faith. Church shops and jewelry stores offer a huge selection of cross stitches. Believers often have a question about whether they correspond to Orthodox canons, how to choose the right cross for the neck.

How to choose a pectoral cross
How to choose a pectoral cross


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It doesn't matter where you get the cross. It can be a shop at a church, a jewelry salon, or a workshop where they will make it to order for you. The main thing is that the people who made the cross should accept church traditions.

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The metal of the body cross can also vary. Gold, silver and other alloys will do.

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The form of the attribute of the Christian faith was constantly changing. Hence, there are numerous variants of crosses: eight-pointed, seven-pointed, six-pointed, four-pointed, four-pointed drop-shaped, trefoil. You can also choose the shape of the cross at your discretion. In this regard, it is appropriate to quote the words spoken by Dmitry Rostovsky, a priest: “Not according to the number of trees, not according to the number of ends, the Cross of Christ is revered by us, but according to Christ Himself, whose holy blood was stained. Manifesting miraculous power, any Cross does not work by itself, but by the power of Christ crucified on it and the invocation of His holy name."

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When choosing an Orthodox pectoral cross, it should be remembered that there is a difference between it and the Catholic one. Catholics wear crosses with the image of Jesus Christ on the crucifix, doomed by people to torment. If you nevertheless decide to purchase such a cross, then it is desirable that the Savior's outstretched arms be straight and not sagging, the legs should not be crossed, should be nailed not with one nail, but with two, there should not be a crown of thorns, and must also be no other anatomical features.

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Some crosses bear the inscriptions "Save and preserve" or "Holy Mother of God, help us." They are optional, but they are not contraindicated either.

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There is a superstition that a donated or found pectoral cross cannot be worn. This is not at all the case. It can be sanctified and boldly worn by yourself.