Philip Bledny: Biography, Creativity, Career, Personal Life

Philip Bledny: Biography, Creativity, Career, Personal Life
Philip Bledny: Biography, Creativity, Career, Personal Life

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In his childhood, the actor Philip Bledny did not doubt that he would connect his life with the stage. His parents' work was directly related to the theater. Philip played his first role at the age of only 4 years on the stage of the Orenburg Theater named after I. Gorky.

Actor Philip Pale
Actor Philip Pale

Philip's father, Honored Artist of the Russian Federation Anatoly Ilyich Bledny, is known to the audience, for example, for the role of Bulganin in the films "Zhukov" and "Furtsev". The actor's mother worked for a long time in the theater as a costume designer, and later became an assistant director. Philip's older brother, who also chose an actor's career, is known to viewers for the films My Fair Nanny, Housekeeper, Major Sokolov.


Philip Bledny was born in the city of Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky on May 2, 1988. By virtue of the profession, the actor's parents very often had to change their place of residence. When Philip was 2 years old, they received an invitation from the famous director A. Podolsky and moved to work in Orenburg.

In this city, the actor made his debut on stage, where at the age of 4 he played the role of the silent "soul" of a talented artist in one of his father's productions. After another 4 years, Philip played the role of a young poet in "The Captain's Daughter". At the age of 10, in the same theater, the boy played Lopakhin in The Cherry Orchard.

A little later, the actor also got his first film role. Together with Tatiana Arntgolts, they played classmates in the film by Anna Legchilova "Obsession".

The experience of stage acting accumulated in childhood and adolescence subsequently helped Philip easily enter the school. Shchukin. While studying at this institute, the young man was fortunate enough to meet many talented people and finally polish his acting skills.

Up to the 4th year inclusive, Philip studied only excellently. But in the 5th, his ideal grades staggered slightly. The reason, like many other actors, was the lengthy filming. In 2007, the guy was invited to the TV series "Daddy's Daughters" for the role of "smart guy" Benjamin.


The story of five sisters, beloved by many, brought all-Russian fame to Philip. However, shooting several hours a day could not but affect the actor's studies. Philip graduated from Shchukinsky in 2009, not with a red one, as he dreamed, but with an ordinary blue diploma.

After graduation, the young man continued shooting in "Daddy's Daughters." In addition, in 2009 for some time he was the host of the program "Physics of the Unreal" on MTV "Russia".

Today Philip lives in Moscow and plays mainly on stage. Viewers can see him in productions in the theaters of the Russian song, them. Bulgakov, TsDKZh. In addition, the actor often voices various characters in cartoons and foreign films. The heroes speak in his voice:

  • "Hunger Games"
  • "Monstro"
  • Houses of Wax.

Theatrical career

Philip Pale is known to the domestic viewer, first of all, from the series "Daddy's Daughters" However, the artist's track record includes many other interesting and talented roles on stage and in films.

At the theater, Philip took part in the performances of many famous directors. One of his best roles was the role of Romeo in the production of Romeo and Juliet. Juliet in this performance was played by Liza Arzamasova, known to the viewer for the role of Galina Sergeevna in the same TV series "Daddy's Daughters".

He played Philip Pale on stage and in such performances as "Dangerous Liaisons" and "The Bridegroom from the Other World." In the production of The Master and Margarita, he played one of the key roles - the poet Ivan Bezdomny.

Film career

The popular epic "Daddy's Daughters" made the actor recognizable and in demand, including in the world of cinema. After graduating from the Shchukin School, Philip starred in several more films:

  • "A hedgehog came out of the fog"
  • "Another's nest"
  • "A woman wants to know."

One of his most notable film roles, in addition to Venik, was the role of Yashka Stepura in the film Team Eight. The plot of this film develops during the Second World War in the rear of the Germans. Three friends - Yashka, Rita and Vanya turn out to be participants in a very unpleasant crime story. In the course of the picture, young people must understand themselves, and at the same time find out why Rita's parents were brutally murdered.

Also, the role of the waiter Nikita Diaghilev, played by Philip Bledny in the 5th season of the TV series "Kitchen", became quite noticeable. Many viewers could remember the killer Gena, played by the actor in the drama "Operation Puppeteer".

Personal life

Philip the Pale has no family yet. The 30-year-old actor publicly prefers not to talk about his personal life. He assures journalists that he does not have a bride yet, but he wants to quickly meet a pretty, intelligent and kind girl.

The only thing the actor once told the press about was that in his life there was once a girl whom he loved very much. However, according to Philip, his romance with her ended, unfortunately, sadly. Young people had to leave because of the actor's friend.

Over the years of his career, the media more than once reported about Philip's connections, mainly with his partners in the series "Daddy's Daughters". For example, the press at one time constantly flashed information about the relationship of the actor with Nastya Sivaeva, the performer of the role of Dasha.

Not so long ago, the media attributed Philip and an affair with Lisa Arzamasova. They began to talk about his love affair with the performer of the role of Galina Sergeevna after he starred in one of the videos she created for free.

On the Internet, there are indeed many photographs in which Lisa and Philip are taken together. However, the partners in "Daddy's Daughters" have never officially announced the relationship between them. Moreover, Philip has repeatedly said that with Lisa, as well as with other actresses of the series, he is bound exclusively by friendship.

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