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What Is FSO
What Is FSO

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FSO ensures the safety of the top officials of the state. He is engaged in ensuring the physical security of the president, secure communications. It has several branches. There is an academy at the service.

What is FSO
What is FSO

The main department that deals with the protection of state power is the "Federal Security Service of the Russian Federation". The institution of protection of the first persons in the country appeared from the moment of the creation of the state, the formation of the first elites in society.


The first written evidence of the existence of a special unit belongs to the reign of Ivan the Terrible. In August 1555, an order was announced for the Boyar Duma on the allotment of land to two thousand archers. This was due to the need to be constantly near the royal palace.

In the 17th century, the sovereign was constantly guarded by 200 people. At night, a special person with 1-2 confidants was on duty near the royal bedroom. Streltsy also stood at every gate and door of the palace. Records relating to this period indicate that Artamon Sergeyevich Matveev proved the advisability of separating separate military, police and security functions of the rifle regiments. The FSO itself was formed from the 9th KGB Directorate. The structure was engaged in the protection of the state and the communist system from any attacks. It was formed in 1954.

After the collapse of the USSR, it was decided to create a similar body of executive power. The main goal remained to protect government officials. Since 1992, the "Main Directorate of Security" has also been involved in providing special communications. In 1996, the body was disbanded, and on its basis the FSO was created.

What is FSO?

The service is part of the security forces of the Russian Federation. In his work he is guided by constitutional provisions, various federal laws, acts of the president and government, international treaties. The president is in charge of the work. He also approves the structure and basic provisions on the activity.

Main functions:

  • protection of the president and his family members;
  • protection of the first persons in their places of stay;
  • organization of unimpeded passage on highways;
  • checking the president's nutrition;
  • physical protection of important statesmen.

Deals with the organization and safe communication between the highest authorities and the head of state.

Additionally, the FSO identifies and eliminates real and potential threats to protected facilities, takes part in the fight against terrorists, and takes an active part in developing policies in the field of shaping the global flow of information in Russia.

FSO today

In 2018, the merger of the FSB, SVR and FSO into the "Ministry of State Security" is actively discussed in the media. The FSO will operate in the form of the "Presidential Security Service". After the reform, this executive branch will control transport services for senior officials and special-purpose communications.

The purpose of these changes is:

  • raising the level of management of power structures;
  • fighting corruption;
  • exit of defense departments to a higher level.

It is assumed that the updated offshoot of the executive branch will begin to perform tasks comparable to the functions of the Soviet State Security Committee.

The structure of the "Federal Security Service of the Russian Federation"

The structure goes directly to the FSO, directorates of special communication and information in the constituent entities of the Russian Federation, centers of special communication and information, educational, research and other organizations. The employees are entrusted with obligations not only regarding the personal protection of the president, but also the implementation of encryption work, the provision of special communication means for representatives of the authorities located in foreign countries.He is also engaged in generalization of the practice of applying legislation on issues related to the established field of activity.

How can you get a job in the FSO

Almost all employees are graduates of a specialized academy. It is a federal state treasury military educational institution. He is engaged in the training of personnel for local security agencies and other types of executive power, which provide for military service. Cadets are trained in several programs:

Application and operation of automated systems for special purposes;

  • communication technologies and special communication systems;
  • Information Security;
  • state protection.

During training, cadets are fully supported by the state and receive a monetary allowance. For the first two years, students live in barracks, the other three - in dormitories.

How can you get a job in the FSO?

The legislation establishes that citizens of our country can serve in the FSO or work in a structure without taking direct part in security activities. Not everyone can get a job. Mandatory requirements include:

  • age from 18 years;
  • Russian citizenship;
  • absence of a criminal record or the fact of investigation of a crime in relation to the applicant;
  • military service or training at the FSO academy;
  • no medical contraindications.

It is impossible to get into the service for citizens who have two citizenships, have a close relationship with representatives of the structure or previously convicted persons.

It is easier to get to positions that do not imply service. These include secretaries, couriers and other professions. It is imperative for them to be fully able to work, if necessary, pass vocational training tests with positive results.

Interesting Facts

In 2017, the open part of the budget was 552.4 million rubles. The rest of the expenses were covered by closed items. The official number of employees is classified. However, in 2016, the former initial FSO said that the number of employees had reached more than 50 thousand people.

Employees have special license plates in the E-KX format. This enables employees to move in the required order. Traffic police officers are not empowered to stop FSO cars if they drive with special signals turned on. In case of violation of traffic rules, a traffic police officer can only draw up a report and transfer it to his superiors.

In conclusion, we note that the FSO carries out activities in cooperation with other executive authorities, local government, public associations and other organizations. The service is headed by a director who is appointed and dismissed by the president. The director is personally responsible for the implementation of the tasks assigned to the body.

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