What Plastic Surgery Did Ksenia Sobchak Do?

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What Plastic Surgery Did Ksenia Sobchak Do?
What Plastic Surgery Did Ksenia Sobchak Do?

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Ksenia Sobchak is a TV presenter and socialite with a rather peculiar appearance. Her face and body are far from the generally accepted canons of beauty. Although Ksyusha's facial features cannot be called ideal, her mind and natural charm still make her attractive in the eyes of fans.

What plastic surgery did Ksenia Sobchak do?
What plastic surgery did Ksenia Sobchak do?

Plastic surgery Sobchak

Ksenia is quite critical of her appearance. She understands that she certainly won't be able to claim the title of beauty queen. This is probably why the girl decided on nose plastic surgery (rhinoplasty).

There is also a version that the host of "House 2" was doing chin plastic surgery. Ksyusha herself categorically denies this fact, as, incidentally, denies rhinoplasty.

Photos of Sobchak, taken before 2007 and after, prove that the star did fix her nose. Thanks to the work of a plastic surgeon, the hump disappeared and the nose became much more beautiful and neat, while all the proportions and size of the nose remained the same.

Ksenia Sobchak performed nose surgery in Los Angeles. Either she wanted to avoid unnecessary publicity, or she simply does not trust domestic plastic surgeons.

Fans of the TV presenter positively assessed this operation, because the star managed not only to get rid of the defect, but also to keep her nose almost the same. After a few years, many even forgot that Xenia once looked a little different.

In 2011, rumors began to circulate that Sobchak had reduced his chin bone. Eyewitnesses claimed that the operation was successful - the lower jaw became much smaller.

Although the fact that Ksenia corrected her chin has not been proven, it is assumed that the operation took place in Germany, and therefore there is so little information about her.

There are no traces on the star's face. This is explained by the fact that the surgeon made all the incisions on the inside of the lip. So far, there are no photographs to prove such dramatic changes. In some photos, Ksyusha's chin does look better, but this is most likely just the result of a successful combination of lighting and makeup.

Botox and Sobchak

A year after rhinoplasty, Ksenia turned to a beautician. She decided to try the "beauty shots" on herself. The star not only does not deny that she used botox, but also says that, today, it's like just whitening your teeth.

After a while, the TV presenter enlarged her lips with hyaluronic acid fillers. Such injections temporarily made Ksyusha's lips more plump and voluminous, so the star began to be compared with Masha Malinovskaya.

What kind of operation Ksenia does not plan to do

Ksenia Sobchak has always been compared to Paris Hilton, a popular American socialite. Both young women are similar in both shocking and lifestyle. Also, both stars are tall blondes. But the difference between the girls is that Paris had long ago enlarged her breasts, and Ksenia said that she liked her small breasts too much to use breast implants.

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