Goman Alexey Vladimirovich: Biography, Career, Personal Life

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Goman Alexey Vladimirovich: Biography, Career, Personal Life
Goman Alexey Vladimirovich: Biography, Career, Personal Life

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Alexey Goman's finest hour came at the moment when he entered the stage of the "People's Artist" project. The young performer was well prepared for this test. Participation in the project, beloved by the audience, gave impetus to the creative energy of Alexei, who did not become content with victory, but decided to try himself in other types of creativity.

Alexey Goman
Alexey Goman

From the biography of Alexey Vladimirovich Goman

The future popular performer was born on September 12, 1983 in Murmansk. His family was quite creative: Alexei's parents in former times performed in the musical group "Losers". And the rest of the family of the future singer was the most ordinary. Homan's father was an electrical fitter. Mom worked in one of the military units. Alas, the parents were not given the opportunity to learn about the success of their son: Alexei's father died of asthma when the boy was 15 years old. Three years later, my mother was gone.

Alexei's creative abilities manifested themselves in childhood, when he quickly learned to play the guitar. Subsequently, he performed at the Palace of Culture in his first creative team, winning prizes in competitions at the local level. Subsequently, a trio of young performers began to be invited to popular restaurants in Murmansk.

After graduating from 9 classes, Alexey decided to learn to be an electrician. After graduating from college, Goman worked for some time in the trolleybus fleet, repairing electrical equipment.

However, this far from the most creative work did not attract Alexei. Homan decided that he deserved more. He enters the local pedagogical university, choosing social and cultural activities as a direction. Around the same time, Goman took part in the production of Notre Dame de Paris. From that moment on, the young man began to gain popularity.

Musical career and personal life of Alexey Goman

Having played one of the central roles in a popular musical, Alexey Goman quickly became an idol of Murmansk youth. Since then, victories in competitions, tours, success and fame have entered his life.

On the advice of the curator of the institute group, Goman went to study at the St. Petersburg University of Culture and Arts. Goman managed to combine his studies at the directing department with touring and recording albums.

While on vacation in Sochi in 2003, Alexei learned about a qualifying round for participation in the "People's Artist" project. He did not hesitate and went to the capital of Russia. With his composition "Russian guy" Alexey won an unconditional victory in the competition.

Later, Goman took the honorable third place at the "Slavianski Bazaar" festival. Later he performed in the famous project "Dancing with the Stars". The singer had to work hard: in just three months he successfully mastered Latin American and classical dances. The result of participation in the dance project was the third place.

Currently, Alexey continues to work on musical projects, honing his performing skills. Often he performs before the public with compositions of his own composition.

Homan is a happy husband and father. Masha Zaitseva, a member of the musical group "Assorti", became his wife. Before entering into a marriage union, the young people met for six years. In 2012, Alexei and Maria had a daughter, Alexandrina.

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