Krygina Nadezhda Evgenievna: Biography, Career, Personal Life

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Krygina Nadezhda Evgenievna: Biography, Career, Personal Life
Krygina Nadezhda Evgenievna: Biography, Career, Personal Life

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Russian folk songs continue to sound and attract the attention of the audience, despite all modern trends and technical innovations. Among the popular performers is the name of the People's Artist of Russia Nadezhda Krygina.

Nadezhda Krygina
Nadezhda Krygina

A distant start

The famous performer Nadezhda Evgenievna Krygina was born on September 8, 1961 in an ordinary Soviet family. Parents at that time lived in the countryside of the Kursk region. The village was called Petrishchevo.

She started helping her mother with the housework early. Nadya studied well at school. I got along with classmates. She actively participated in public life, with a great desire she sang in the choir, where she was distinguished by a strong and rich voice.

The biography of Nadezhda Krygina could have developed like many girlfriends - marriage, home, work. However, while still a schoolgirl, she won first place in the regional competition of folk song performers. And this success pushed the girl to take decisive action. Krygina collected the necessary documents and went to Moscow to receive a musical education. She did not know musical notation at all, but successfully entered the famous Ippolitov-Ivanov Music School.

Creative way

In 1981, as a student, Krygina accepted the offer and began performing as a member of the Rossiyanochka ensemble. It should be noted that studies were given to Nadezhda with great difficulty. Only perseverance and hard work allowed her to complete her studies with dignity. Already in her student years, she learned how songwriters and theater actors live, what difficulties they face. Early success didn't turn her head. As part of the ensemble, the young performer visited many cities and countries. The first tour took place in Paris.

Nadezhda Krygina's creative career was developing successfully. There was always a lot of work. I had to rehearse new projects, perform on tour with the set repertoire. Not to say that fatigue accumulated, but fatigue made itself felt. In 1991, the singer decided to move to the Moscow Music and Concert Association and perform independently. The change of scenery brought positive results - Krygina became the winner of the "Voices of Russia" competition.

Essays on personal life

At a certain stage of her professional career, Nadezhda Krygina met Lyudmila Zykina, People's Artist of the USSR. For some time they collaborated on stage. But the most unpredictable situations happen in life. Hope, as they say, recaptured her husband from Zykina. This story was discussed by the whole country. Fans and lovers of spicy details in every way washed the bones of the participants in the love triangle.

I must say that this is the only incident in the personal life of Nadezhda Evgenievna. She was married only once to Viktor Gridin, the same ex-husband of Lyudmila Zykina. Husband and wife did not live under one roof for long. Just five years, which flew by like one day. In this period, love, and tears, and joint songs fit in.

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