Alexey Goman: Biography And Personal Life

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Alexey Goman: Biography And Personal Life
Alexey Goman: Biography And Personal Life

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Alexey Goman is a Russian singer and composer. His biography began to attract attention after winning the TV show "People's Artist". In addition to creativity, Alexey does not forget about his personal life, although his dreams of a family have not yet been destined to come true.

Singer Alexey Goman
Singer Alexey Goman


Alexey Goman was born in 1983 in Murmansk. He was brought up in an ordinary working-class family with his older brother Eugene. An interesting fact is that the mother of the future singer attended a music school in her youth, which, perhaps, was the reason for Alyosha's creative inclinations. For some time, she even taught the brothers to play the guitar and just instilled in them a love of music.

Unfortunately, the parents did not differ in good health, and died while Alexei was in school. He was very upset about the loss and decided to enter the school immediately after the 9th grade. The young man began to earn money as a repairman, and also sang in restaurants. The audience always loudly applauded Goman, and he began to seriously think about how to focus on what he loved. The future artist preferred to get an education at the Murmansk Institute of Culture, where his brother also studied.

Later, Alexey moved to St. Petersburg, thinking about getting a second acting education. In 2003, he learned about casting on the TV show "People's Artist" in Moscow and decided to try his hand. So the singer managed to enter a dozen participants in the TV show. With his perseverance, Homan managed to win and become famous throughout the country. Other leaders of the project were the equally well-known Alexander Panayotov and Alexey Chumakov.

A year later, the singer released his first album called "Russian guy". Subsequently, he also released the discs "Golden Sun Ray" and "May". Goman is a frequent guest of major concerts, at which he performs not only alone, but also in duets with other famous artists, including Nadezhda Kadysheva and Marina Devyatova. In 2010, the young talent was awarded a medal "For Merit to the Fatherland": the country's leadership and many celebrities, including Alla Pugacheva, expressed their support for this event.

Personal life

Alexey Goman met his future wife Maria Zaitseva at the People's Artist project. The girl was one of the contestants. A relationship began between them, which grew first into a civil marriage, and then into an official one, which was concluded in 2009. Three years later, the couple had a daughter, Alexandrina.

Gradually, the feelings between Alexei and Maria cooled, and they parted in 2013, remaining good friends. The singer often sees his ex-wife and daughter, helping in the upbringing of the latter. He never managed to establish other relationships, although he made repeated attempts to do this. Goman continues to engage in concert activities, and recently even began to take an interest in politics, becoming a confidant of the LDPR party of Vladimir Zhirinovsky.

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