How To Give A Speech

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How To Give A Speech
How To Give A Speech

Video: How To Give A Speech

Video: How To Give A Speech
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The success of any public speaking depends on how you prepare for it. Whether your speech is short or lengthy, you must be sure that the material you have prepared is worthy of attention. This confidence will allow you to deliver a speech brilliantly.

How to give a speech
How to give a speech


Step 1

Familiarize yourself with the material you intend to speak to an audience in advance. Record the entire text of your speech and read it out loud many times at home.

Step 2

If you do not have time to write your speech on paper, decide and decide what you will say in the introduction and in the final part of your speech. These two points go a long way in making a good impression on the audience and making it happen.

Step 3

Any speech has a certain structure, which must be adhered to in front of whoever you are delivering a speech. Your speech should consist of an introductory part, a problem of a question, a perspective on solving the problem and a conclusion.

Step 4

Pay special attention to the introductory part of your speech. It should immediately grab the attention of the audience. They should feel that you are well prepared and that you are fluent in the material. Be friendly and confident.

Step 5

When giving a speech, use the notes only when you need to quote. It is advisable to memorize the text of the future speech. Free communication with the audience will allow you to easily hold the attention of your listeners.

Step 6

Before performing, the microphone should be positioned at an optimal distance. Check microphone operation. Make sure it is at a comfortable height for you. You should be heard well in the back rows. Do not tap on the microphone, but in a calm voice ask how you are heard in the back rows.

Step 7

Speak not loudly, but clearly, in a well-delivered voice. Don't be distracted from the topic of your talk. Unrehearsed, witty improvisations can break the sequence of the presentation.

Step 8

When stepping out of the lectern, you can hold onto the side edges of the lectern. Turn the pages of your speech as needed.

Step 9

Do not twirl a pencil or pen in your hands. Your excessive gesticulation can distract the audience's attention from the content of your speech. Never touch the microphone with your hands while performing. The rustle from your hands will be heard throughout the hall.

Step 10

Apologize to the audience if there is a need to clear their throat. After pausing, take a sip of water. Have a handkerchief with you for such occasions. If your presentation is over, then summarize.

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