How To Enrich Your Speech

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How To Enrich Your Speech
How To Enrich Your Speech

Video: How To Enrich Your Speech

Video: How To Enrich Your Speech
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A rich vocabulary allows you to express your thoughts in a clear and accessible way. But some cannot boast of this and are forced to express their thoughts using a limited set of words. To fix the situation, you need to make an effort and spend a little time.

How to enrich your speech
How to enrich your speech

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Step 1

Determine the direction in which you are going to expand your knowledge. Do not grab onto everything at once, so that a mess of new words does not form in your head.

Step 2

Read more magazines, websites and books. Give preference to classics that contain many interesting sayings and phrases. Clarify the meaning of incomprehensible words - understand how they can be used in conversation.

Step 3

Retell the texts or articles you have read in your own words. To get started, practice alone by recording the repetition on a tape recorder. Listen to your retelling and compare with what you read; mark the words you don't remember and practice them.

Step 4

Connect with different people to learn words from new areas. Use phrases you have recently learned in your conversation. Practice will help you enrich your speech faster. If the circle of acquaintances is limited, read thematic forums. This will allow you to understand conversations from different walks of life and not feel stupid.

Step 5

Make it a rule to learn one new word a day. Find its meaning in the dictionary, try to use it in a sentence. Write the word several times on a piece of paper - this will make it easier to remember.

Step 6

Find synonyms for the words you use the most. Learn them and try to use them in your conversation. This will diversify the vocabulary, and you won't be repeating yourself all the time.

Step 7

Write down interesting phrases and words that you see in the texts. Read quotes from famous philosophers, proverbs, sayings and phraseological units. Learn some of them to use when communicating.

Step 8

Talk to others more about different topics. Training will help you quickly consolidate the knowledge gained, and it will be nice to show off your rich vocabulary.

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