What Russians Look Like Abroad

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What Russians Look Like Abroad
What Russians Look Like Abroad

Video: What Russians Look Like Abroad

Video: What Russians Look Like Abroad
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Representatives of different peoples have their own characteristics and mentality. Seeing a foreigner on the street, you can often easily determine that he is a newcomer. And it's not about his knowledge of the language, skin color and other obvious differences. The stranger is betrayed by the behavior in a given situation.

What Russians look like abroad
What Russians look like abroad

How to learn Russian abroad

Russian citizens, like other foreigners, have their own typical distinctive features, by which they are recognized abroad. Here is some of them:

1. Alertness and distrust. Often, tourists from Russia are suspicious of the offer of strangers to photograph them, to help in something. Compared to Westerners, Russians don't tend to smile for no reason.

2. Lack of knowledge of even the spoken language of the country to which they arrived. Some Russians are used to expressing themselves with hotel staff and others in their native language with "sign language", that is, with the active use of gestures.

At the same time, a lack of understanding of the Russian language can sometimes cause resentment among domestic tourists.

3. Strong word. Even if a Russian tourist speaks a foreign language, in case of indignation or indignation about any reason, he can use native curses. As for not very intelligent compatriots, they can be recognized by the more frequent use of obscene language for the "bundle of words" or from surprise.

4. Domestic symbols. It is often easy to recognize a Russian person abroad by symbolic signs and "prints" on clothes. Often, compatriots wear T-shirts, caps with the Russia logo or a three-color print of the Russian flag, which looks rather patriotic.

5. Love for souvenirs. The Russian habit of "throwing money" will also help to recognize many Russian tourists abroad. Passing by the counter with local trinkets, they try to buy gifts for all their loved ones.

6. Generosity. Russians are accustomed to a wide range of festivities, so if they go on vacation abroad, they have a rest to the fullest: chic restaurants, expensive jewelry, branded clothing and all kinds of accessories to it. At the same time, Russians rarely bargain abroad, as they are afraid to seem greedy to the locals.

Stereotypical Russian image in the eyes of foreigners

Foreign citizens still have many stereotypes about the appearance of tourists from Russia.

In the opinion of some of them, Russian people are gloomy, longing and sadness are read in their heavy eyes. Apparently, this image is somehow connected with Soviet films, where compatriots are going through harsh war days, trying to protect their homeland from fascist attacks.

However, it is possible that such an idea is associated with a peculiarity of the character of compatriots, which foreigners call "the mysterious Russian soul."

Another common stereotype among foreigners is that "Russian women are excellent housewives."

Abroad, many believe that Russian ladies spend almost all their free time in the kitchen, preparing various delicacies for their husband and children.

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