Mark Anthony: Biography, Creativity, Career, Personal Life

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Mark Anthony: Biography, Creativity, Career, Personal Life
Mark Anthony: Biography, Creativity, Career, Personal Life

Video: Mark Anthony: Biography, Creativity, Career, Personal Life

Video: Mark Anthony: Biography, Creativity, Career, Personal Life
Video: Mark Antony: Lover of Cleopatra, Rival for an Empire 2023, June

Listening to Mark Anthony, that is, also perceived as a singer, in Russia began after the release of films with his participation - "Carlito's Way" and "Raising the Dead". But in his homeland, in the United States, he became popular much earlier.

Mark Anthony: biography, creativity, career, personal life
Mark Anthony: biography, creativity, career, personal life

It seems that there is no direction in which Mark Anthony is not successful as a creative person - he sings, and his songs and albums have already brought him significant prizes and awards more than once. Films with his participation as an actor are invariably grossing, the characters are loved by the audience, the work is highly appreciated by critics. So who is he - Mark Anthony? How did he come to such success?

Biography of singer and actor Mark Anthony

Mark Anthony was born in September 1968 in New York. The boy's parents were from Puerto Rico. Mark's father was fond of music and tried to instill love for her and his children - little Marco Antonio and his sister Yolanda. Mark Anthony was taught musical notation and playing musical instruments by his father. He also discovered excellent vocal abilities with him.

Mark often held street concerts with his father and sister. Residents of nearby houses were eagerly awaiting the performances - this was the first popularity of the future celebrity, singer and actor Mark Anthony.


Another hobby of Mark, which came from childhood, is acting. The boy enjoyed copying famous actors and their heroes, dreamed of a theatrical stage, cinema. And, by the way, he started acting in films before his first solo album came out.

Mark Anthony has no specialized education. Different sources provide different information - that he is a certified musician, then that he did not even graduate from secondary education. The official website of the actor and singer also does not provide accurate information about this aspect of his biography.

Filmography of Mark Anthony

In Russia, the army of fans of Latin American music and salsa songs performed by Mark Anthony is not so large, and he is better known as an actor. But Russian fans do not know that Anthony took part not only in films, but also in reality shows, television programs and other projects in this direction, even tried himself as a producer.

The filmography of actor Mark Anthony includes such significant works known to the Russian audience as

  • "Carlito's Way" (1993),
  • Natural Causes (1994)
  • Big Night (1996)
  • "Raising the Dead" (1999),
  • "Times of the Butterflies" (2001),
  • "Anger" (2004),
  • The Singer (2006).

Mark Anthony worked on the same set with such famous actors as Al Pacino and Sean Penn, Angelina Jolie, Stanley Tucci, Nicolas Cage, Denzel Washington, Jennifer Lopez and others.

Not being professional, Mark Anthony is in no way inferior in acting to venerable actors. His heroes, even of the second plan, are so bright and attractive that they are sometimes remembered more often than key ones.

In Russia, films with the participation of Mark Anthony always gather full houses in cinemas, even long after the premiere, and this speaks volumes.

Mark Anthony's musical career

As often happens, chance helped Mark Anthony to enter the big stage as a vocalist. At one of the parties in a circle of friends, the young man performed a popular composition, and in a comic form. The company had a well-known producer David Harris at that time. He really liked the boy's vocal abilities, and he began to literally draw out talent - he invited him to group concerts, tried to insert backing vocalists into each group.

But such success was not enough for the young and ambitious Mark, he dreamed of a solo album. In 1991, this dream came true - Anthony recorded his first solo album with his close friend DJ Lou Vega.


In his first solo performances and albums, Mark Anthony “searched” for himself - they were diverse, without a pronounced musical direction, but as close as possible to Latin.

Success and satisfaction from self-realization came to Anthony when he tried his hand at music with the dance name "salsa" - a mixture of the style of Cuban rumba, American tango and Caribbean samba. Songs in the style of "salsa" have become a kind of business card of Mark Anthony as a singer.

Personal life of singer and actor Mark Anthony

The American media love to write that chaos reigns in Mark Anthony's personal life, so the singer and actor is fickle. The longest relationship he had with Jennifer Lopez - from 2004 to 2011.


But how many women there were, even Mark Anthony himself cannot say, at least that's what he says in some interviews. If you conduct some monitoring of publications in the press about Mark's personal life, then you can include the names of the following ladies in his list of amorous victories:

  • Debi is a police officer
  • Daynara Torres - Miss Universe 2000,
  • Jennifer Lopez - actress and singer,
  • Chenon de Lima is a model
  • American of Russian descent Amina,
  • Marianne Downing is a current passion.

Mark did not live long with his first wife Debi, although the couple had a daughter. "Miss Universe" Daynara Torres gave birth to Mark Anthony two sons, but the relationship with her between the singer and the actor went wrong soon after the official marriage.

With Jennifer Lopez Anthony lived for almost 9 years, the couple had a son, and then a daughter. The news of their divorce both surprised and disappointed the fans, because the marriage seemed perfect, and the relationship was romantic and warm.

Novels with the following passions ended after a couple of months. And only Marianne Downing managed to "rein in" Mark Anthony a little. The press does not write who she is and where she is from. Mark himself avoids questions about his beloved, but they have been together for almost two years.

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