What Is Maidan

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What Is Maidan
What Is Maidan

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Maidan Nezalezhnosti is the main square of Kiev, the name of which has an interesting origin. The most important events in the history of modern Ukraine took place on the territory of the Maidan.

What is Maidan
What is Maidan


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The word "maidan" in translation from the Arabic language means an open area, square or park and therefore often becomes the name of such objects. The central square of Kiev - Maidan Nezalezhnosti or simply Maidan, on which the most important events for Ukraine took place at different times, has become widely known in the world.

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From a formal point of view, the Maidan is part of the territory of Independence Square, located in the center of Kiev. At the same time, the territory of the Maidan itself is considered non-geographical, and to a large extent sacred: the citizens of Kiev and all of Ukraine have the informal right to hold various rallies and political actions here.

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The Maidan Square became notorious in 2013-2014, when thousands of Ukrainians came to it, demanding a change of power in the country. Hundreds of people died in the clash with the police and the winter cold, and the square itself was almost completely destroyed.

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Until 1990, this territory was called the October Revolution Square, but later, during the secession of Ukraine from the USSR, popular rallies were held here, calling for a change in the foundations and the ordering of the political situation in the country. Then the name "Maidan" stuck. But the place acquired a sacred meaning already during the 2004 presidential elections in Ukraine, when citizens took to the square to protest the falsification of votes. For the first time, thanks to the rallying of the people, it was possible to resist the imposition of power in the country, to defend the rights and freedoms of citizens.

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Since then, the Maidan has been considered the egregor of the people. A special atmosphere of trust in each other, tolerance, politeness and mutual assistance arises on its territory. Arguments and conflicts seem out of place here. Even visiting guests feel this special spirit and feel as one with the citizens of Ukraine.

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The Maidan could have remained a unique historical phenomenon of its kind, had it not been for further events. In 2007, residents of Kiev gathered in the square to confront the developing political crisis in the country. And in the fall of 2013, dissatisfied with the policy of President Viktor Yanukovych again went to the Maidan. Thus, today it is perhaps the only place in the capital of Ukraine where citizens can afford to communicate with political structures not in accordance with the current legislation, but in terms of justice and civic duty.

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