Actress Tatyana Piletskaya: Biography, Filmography And Personal Life

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Actress Tatyana Piletskaya: Biography, Filmography And Personal Life
Actress Tatyana Piletskaya: Biography, Filmography And Personal Life
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Tatyana Piletskaya became one of the most successful actresses in Soviet cinema. She has more than 45 films on her account. Tatiana was credited with novels with many famous film actors.

Piletskaya Tatiana
Piletskaya Tatiana

Family, early years

Tatyana Lvovna was born on July 2, 1928. Her hometown is St. Petersburg. The family has German roots, because of this, Tatyana's father was exiled to Krasnoturinsk. The house in which the family lived was previously owned by the grandmother. After the revolution, they were given 2 rooms. Eisenstein Sergei and the Vasiliev brothers became neighbors.

The girl's godfather was the famous Petrov-Vodkin Kuzma (artist). At the age of 9, Tatiana posed for him for the painting "Girl with a Doll". Piletskaya survived the war years in evacuation to Perm. Since childhood, Tatiana studied ballet, later she graduated from the choreographic school, and then began to study in the studio at the BDT.

Creative career

Piletskaya was admitted to the Musical Comedy Theater, assistance in employment was provided by Anatoly Korolkevich, an actor. Then Tatyana met Grigory Kozintsev, a film director. He invited the actress to dream in the movie "Pirogov".

In 1962, Piletskaya got a job at the Lenin Komsomol Theater ("Baltic House"), where she worked until 1990. The actress met Alexander Vertinsky, a famous actor. Thanks to him, she starred in the movie "Princess Mary". Vertinsky showed pictures of Piletskaya to Annensky (director), and she was approved for the role.

Vertinsky helped Tatiana get roles in other films: "The Bride", "Case No. 306", "Oleko Dundich". Tatiana became popular thanks to the film "Different Fates". However, this role played a bad joke with her. The image of the negative heroine was transferred to the actress, so there were fewer proposals from the directors.

In the 2000s, Piletskaya starred in the detective series Streets of Broken Lanterns and Secrets of the Investigation. The filmography of the actress includes the following films:

  • "Cinderella";
  • "Rimsky-Korsakov";
  • "About my friend";
  • "Dreams Come True";
  • "Day of Sun and Rain";
  • "Silvia";
  • "Travel to another city";
  • Lermontov;
  • "Emperor's novel"
  • Palm Sunday, etc.

Since 1990, the actress worked at the St. Petersburg drama theater, and in 1996 she returned to the Baltic House. During that period, she was also involved in the theater "Shelter of Comedians".

Piletskaya became the author of the books Crystal Rains, Silver Threads and some others. She has several awards, including the Orders of Honor and Friendship. The actress can boast of a good shape, she always tries to walk in heels. In public, she appears with styling and makeup.

Personal life

Tatyana Lvovna's first husband is a sailor, captain of the 1st rank. The marriage lasted 15 years. Both were busy, rarely saw each other.

Later, Tatyana married Vyacheslav Timoshin, an artist who worked in the operetta theater. However, life with him did not work out, as he turned out to be jealous.

The third marriage turned out to be happy, Ageshin Boris became the husband of the actress. He is a pantomime artist, was a member of the Druzhba ensemble, where Piekha Edita worked. Boris is 12 years younger than Tatiana.

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