How To Mail Items

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How To Mail Items
How To Mail Items

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Without mail - as without hands. Send and receive a letter, transfer, make utility payments - postal services are always vital. If you need to send a gift to your family or a thing you need to a friend, you again need to go to the post office. Now it is easier to do this - sealing wax, fabric sheathing and classic sling are a thing of the past: postmen will offer you convenient cardboard boxes and plastic bags of different sizes for packing. But the rules and regulations for the shipment of items remain.

How to mail items
How to mail items


Step 1

Having determined the volume of items (things) prepared for shipment and their weight, first select the optimal mailing format. It can be a parcel post or a parcel. By parcel post, you can send low-value prints, books, manuscripts, posters, photographs. It can be simple, ordered, or with a declared value (prints with a price of up to 10,000 rubles are recognized as low-value).

Step 2

There are strict size restrictions for the parcel. The minimum for a rectangular shape is 10.5 cm x 14.8 cm, for a roll the sum of double diameter and length is no more than 17 cm (the largest dimension is 10 cm).

Step 3

The maximum size of a parcel is as follows. The sum of thickness, width, length is no more than 90 cm, and the largest measurement is 60 cm. When sending a roll, measure the sum of the length and double diameter: it should not be more than 1m 4 cm (the largest measurement is 90 cm).

The weight will also have a limitation: items weighing less than 100 g and more than 2 kg will not be accepted for shipment by parcel post.

Step 4

Parcels also come with declared value and simple ones. Investments in parcels can be various items of cultural, household and other purposes. The weight and dimensions of parcels are standardized differently from parcels. The minimum dimensions are approved as follows: 11 cm x 22 cm or 11.4 cm x 1.62 cm.The maximum will be any measurement not exceeding 105 cm.The sum of the values ​​(perimeter of the largest cross-section and length) should be no more than 200 cm.

Step 5

If your parcel has one of the sides exceeding the specified dimensions, it will be considered oversized. A regular package can weigh up to 10 kg, and a heavy one - up to 20 kg. Parcels up to 3 kg with the largest side up to 35 cm and the sum of three dimensions up to 65 cm are considered small.

Step 6

What if your item is 2 m long? It will be accepted if the circumference (largest cross section) does not exceed 100-150 cm.

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