What Kind Of Prayer Protects From Demons

What Kind Of Prayer Protects From Demons
What Kind Of Prayer Protects From Demons

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Demons are invisible to the human eye, but a person can sense their presence. In the presence of a demon, a sense of alertness, danger suddenly arises. To a person near whom the demon is, it seems that he is being watched. This feeling is rather unpleasant and very depressing. Prayers and some actions help get rid of demons.

What kind of prayer protects from demons
What kind of prayer protects from demons

Who are demons

Demons or demons are evil spirits that seek to harm all living things. Demons feed on the sinful energy of a person precisely when he indulges in non-pleasing pursuits. Demons especially like it when a person smokes, abuses alcohol, eats meat (preferably with blood), indulges in debauchery. In general, demons like those people who do not keep the commandments of the Lord.

Demons are created from very thin matter, therefore they are able to penetrate through walls, doors and

other material barriers. However, they cannot enter the consecrated place, since this place is marked for God.

Protection from demons

If prayers are read in the room and actions pleasing to the Lord are performed, then the Bes will not be able to enter it, since the Lord sends his protection and his blessing to this building (or a room in a building). Everyone who will be in a God-protected building / room will be protected from demonic influence.

The Lord's protection extends to those who read prayers. Prayer is the best way to be saved from demons. There are a great many such prayers, in each specific case, its own prayer helps.

If a person is not protected by God, then evil spirits can easily penetrate his soul or take possession of his body. Demons come only where a place is prepared for them. That is, if a person neglects prayers, leads an unpleasant way of life, then evil entities may try to take possession of his soul and body. And then it is very difficult to expel them, in any case a person cannot cope on his own.

Prayers from demons

The most universal prayer is "Our Father". In essence, demons are crafty and deceitful creatures. It is in this prayer that a person asks the Lord to "deliver from the evil one." Another person can turn with a prayer for protection to his patron saint or guardian angel.

There are many types of evil entities, each of them has its own prayer. Of course, it is not given to an ordinary person to know which demon is next to him. But if you defend yourself by reading at least one prayer a day, then none of the demons will be able to approach the righteous.

Prayers from evil spirits can be found in a prayer book that is sold in church shops. There are also prayers on the Internet. But prayer may not save, if a person does not repent of his deeds and does not accept the Lord into his consciousness.

So that the demons do not visit you and do not encroach on your body and soul, you need to lead a righteous lifestyle, keep the commandments of the Lord, not do evil deeds and not have sinful thoughts.

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