Signs Of Totalitarianism As A Political Regime

Signs Of Totalitarianism As A Political Regime
Signs Of Totalitarianism As A Political Regime

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The concept of "totalitarianism" literally means "all", "complete", "whole". In each state where this political regime arose and developed, it had its own specific character. However, for all its versatility, the totalitarian regime has a fairly clear set of basic common features that reflect the essence of this form of government.

Signs of totalitarianism as a political regime
Signs of totalitarianism as a political regime


Step 1

Totalitarianism is almost always not legitimate. It never starts in a country after a free and democratic election. The establishment of totalitarianism usually occurs after coups d'états, revolutions, putsches and usurpation of power.

Step 2

Under a totalitarian regime, the people of the country are alienated from the authorities and the authorities. The population cannot influence the state, as a result of which the government receives unlimited, uncontrolled powers for itself. This leads to total bureaucratization of all processes and the collapse of civil society. Power begins to establish its own rules not only in the political spheres of society, but also in literature and art. There is a forcible establishment of morality and ethics adopted by the state.

Step 3

Totalitarianism most often turns its citizens into state serfs, establishing their personal dependence on the state, forcing them to work for the good of the country for free. Violence, terror and coercion are becoming the dominant methods of government.

Step 4

Under a totalitarian regime, an atmosphere of general suspicion and distrust is built up in the country. Denunciation is encouraged. At the state level, the image of a general external or internal enemy is formed. The notion that the state is constantly threatened is being introduced to the masses. Gradually, the totalitarian state begins to resemble a besieged camp, which, in turn, leads to the militarization of society and the economy.

Step 5

In a totalitarian state, the legal system completely disappears. The application of existing legislative acts is no longer universal; the authorities begin to use laws as they please.

Step 6

All power under a totalitarian regime is concentrated in the hands of the ruling elite and its inner circle. The principle of separation of powers is completely absent. The people have no right to take part in the life of the country, the entire activity of the state apparatus is covered with an aura of mystery.

Step 7

In a totalitarian state, one political party dominates, which practically covers all spheres of life in the country. A characteristic feature of the totalitarian regime is the creation of a cult of the leader's personality. The deification of the ruler takes on hypertrophied proportions.

Step 8

Under a totalitarian regime, all processes taking place in society are politicized. All spheres of people's life become permeated with ideology. The divide and conquer principle is being put into practice. Society is artificially divided into "friends" and "aliens". As a result, in a totalitarian state there is a constant opposition of some social groups to others.

Step 9

In a totalitarian state, there is a complete disregard for individual human rights and freedoms. Any dissent is suppressed in the most brutal way. The state itself is isolated from the surrounding world.

Step 10

The economy of a totalitarian regime is based on the domination of state property and operates in the regime of a planned system of economic management. Methods of violence by the state against private entrepreneurs are widely used.

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