How Russian And American Teenagers Differ

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How Russian And American Teenagers Differ
How Russian And American Teenagers Differ

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Teenagers from all over the world have a lot in common. The similarity can be traced in the attitude to life, to study. Regardless of nationality, every teenager is more or less prone to nervous breakdowns, increased fatigue, and a tendency to complain about teachers. However, there are still differences between teenagers from different countries of the world. For example, between Russians and Americans.

How Russian and American teenagers differ
How Russian and American teenagers differ


Russian and American teenagers differ in their attitude to education. Russian teenagers have a simpler attitude to study than American ones. For them, school years are a time of carelessness. Whereas the American youth approaches the education process with all responsibility.

Most likely, this is due to the fact that the majority of American students are determined in advance with their future profession and admission to the desired university. At the same time, Russian teenagers cannot grasp their future vocation for a long time. In addition, parents often make the choice for them.

American teens love to learn. They spend a huge amount of time on educational projects, actively participate in school or student life. From an early age, they learn to plan their time. In America, it is simply a shame not to study, because either sponsors or parents pay a lot of money for studying. At the same time, children understand that the invested funds must be worked out.

In America's schools, you can't see someone cheating from someone else. This is strictly monitored there. Even classmates, noticing a cheating person, can betray him. Russian schoolchildren not only cheat themselves, but also willingly let others cheat.

From early childhood, it is customary for US adolescents to participate in charity events, to exercise certain powers. They strive to be perceived as individuals. Russian schoolchildren are unlikely to take part in such events. Although in Russia there are many ideological personalities.


American teenagers do not attach any importance to their appearance. Even those who are overweight do not have complex at all. Clothing is very often simple and casual. Boys wear T-shirts and shorts. Girls - the same T-shirts and skirts.

Russian girls from high school will never come to school in washed and not ironed clothes. In American women, this is quite normal. In addition, their clothes are rarely combined with each other. This is not to say that they are indifferent to the appearance and they do not want to be beautiful, they just have their own concepts of beauty.

In many states, there is no difference in the cost or quality of clothing among teens. Do not focus on the presence or absence of a particular car. In this regard, there is no differentiation according to social status or the amount of money a family has. More precisely, it exists, it is just that people do not advertise it in front of each other.

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