Valentina Aleksandrovna Malyavina: Biography, Career And Personal Life

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Valentina Aleksandrovna Malyavina: Biography, Career And Personal Life
Valentina Aleksandrovna Malyavina: Biography, Career And Personal Life

Video: Valentina Aleksandrovna Malyavina: Biography, Career And Personal Life

Video: Valentina Aleksandrovna Malyavina: Biography, Career And Personal Life
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Valentina Malyavina is one of the most beloved actresses of the Soviet period. Her life is filled with both wonderful and terrible events. Despite all the twists and turns of fate, her roles have forever entered the golden fund of Russian cinema.

Valentina Aleksandrovna Malyavina: biography, career and personal life
Valentina Aleksandrovna Malyavina: biography, career and personal life


Valentina was born on June 18, 1941 in Moscow. Her father was a serviceman, and during the Great Patriotic War, the command sent him to the Far East. The whole family went with his father: his wife and two daughters.

After demobilization, at the end of the forties, the Malyavins returned to the capital.

Since childhood, Valentina dreamed of an acting career. She had a very effective appearance and a beautiful soulful look. After leaving school, the girl quite easily entered the B. Shchukin Theater School. She studied in the studio of Boris Zakhava (People's Artist of the USSR, remembered for the role of Kutuzov in Sergei Bondarchuk's epic "War and Peace").

Malyavina's creative life

In the first year, the then young director Andrei Tarkovsky drew attention to the young beautiful student. And in his very first film "Ivan's Childhood" he gave the main female role to Malyavina. This picture made her a real movie star.

A year later, Malyavina starred in the film "Sunflower".

After graduating from a theatrical university, the actress was accepted into the troupe of LENKOM. However, three years later, the actress went to the Vakhtangov Theater and worked there for about 15 years. Significant theatrical works were the performances "Enough Simplicity in Every Wise Man" and "The Picture of Dorian Gray", in which Malyavina played the main female roles.

In parallel with her work in the theater, Valentina starred a lot. Her most significant works in cinema: "The Deer King", "The Tunnel", "Red Square", "Woman for All" and others.

The peak of her fame came in the 60s of the last century. Due to various life circumstances, Malyavina's career practically "came to naught" back in the 1990s. Despite this, she received the title of Honored Artist of Russia in 1993.

Personal life

Personal life of Valentina Malyavina is similar to melodrama and thriller at the same time. The actress was very amorous and did not deny herself hobbies.

Even at school age, Valentina began dating Alexander Zbruev. Because of the early pregnancy, young people secretly got married from their parents. The relatives accepted the news of the wedding calmly, but Vali's future motherhood caused a storm of indignation. The girl, seven months pregnant, was taken to the hospital. Doctors caused a premature birth, as a result, the child died. This greatly undermined the relationship of the newlyweds.

During the filming of the film "Ivan's Childhood", Malyavina and Tarkovsky began an affair, but this did not lead to anything serious.

Still married to Zbruev, the actress began a relationship with director Pavel Arsenov, who shot the stunning fairy tale "The Deer King" with Malyavina in the title role.

Valentina did not hide her new love and frankly told her husband about everything. As a result, she filed for divorce and married Paul. However, the marriage did not become happy, the lovers quarreled, and their common child died in childbirth. Valentina was very upset with the loss and it was during this period that she became addicted to alcohol.

In the play "Hamlet" Malyavina saw the play of Alexander Kaidanovsky. She wanted to personally meet the talented actor and eventually fell in love with him. During a joint tour, they became lovers.

Arsenov knew about his wife's romance, but hoped that this relationship would be short-lived and Valentina would return to the family. Relations with Kaidanovsky were stormy and difficult, with constant scandals, partings and reunions. After six years of such an unhealthy relationship, Malyavina lost both men.

It was Kaidanovsky who introduced Malyavin to the novice actor Stanislav Zhdanko, who had long been madly in love with Valentina.

The guy was 12 years younger than Malyavina, their romance turned out to be passionate, stormy and tragic. Zhdanko was an impulsive, ambitious and not very popular actor. After failures in his career, he fell into depression and sought solace in alcohol, Valentina often kept him company.

After another feast, Zhdanko was found with a knife in his heart. As a result of the investigation, the police wrote off the case as a suicide, but then, after repeated petitions by the relatives of the deceased, the case was reconsidered, and Malyavina was accused of Stanislav's murder. The actress was sentenced to 9 years in prison, although she never admitted her guilt.

After the amnesty in 1988, Malyavina was released. She returned to the theater and married twice more. The last husband was the icon painter Vladimir Krasnitsky, who died from being stabbed in a street fight.

After all that she had experienced, Malyavina began to drink more and more, sometimes with strangers and suspicious people. In 2001, as a result of a drunken quarrel, the actress was injured and lost her sight.

Now, thanks to an unknown patron, Valentina Malyavina is in a boarding house for science veterans. There she receives quality medical care and lives in comfortable conditions. Unfortunately, in addition to the loss of vision, the actress's hearing deteriorates every year.

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