Actor Alexander Davydov: Filmography, Biography, Personal Life

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Actor Alexander Davydov: Filmography, Biography, Personal Life
Actor Alexander Davydov: Filmography, Biography, Personal Life

Almost ideal appearance, multiplied by the artistic talent of the native Muscovite - Alexander Davydov - created for him an excellent opportunity to act on the stage and in the cinema. The versatile role of the artist is today known throughout the post-Soviet space, and his creative career is at the peak of its development.

The role of appearance for acting is determining
The role of appearance for acting is determining

The star of the TV series "The Legend of the Bomber", "Ranetki", "Sashka" - Alexander Davydov - is a graduate of the Moscow Art Theater School. And since 2007, the stage of the Moscow Mayakovsky Theater has become his native theater stage.

Brief biography and filmography of Alexander Davydov

On December 2, 1983, the future famous theater and film actor was born. Alexander's simple Moscow family, far from the world of culture and art, did not contribute to the development of artistic talents in him in childhood and adolescence. This realization came only after graduating from high school and studying for a year and a half at the Automotive and Mechanical Institute.

It was on the course with Roman Kozak and Dmitry Brusnikin at the Moscow Art Theater School that those unique acting skills were formed that are so loved by millions of fans of Alexander Davydov today. After receiving a higher acting education in 2007, the troupe of the legendary Mayakovsky Theater became his native creative home. Here he made his debut in the performances "Divorce as a Man" and "Dead Souls".

Today, theater-goers of the capital can enjoy his talented performance on stage in the performances The Inspector General and The Karamazovs, in the children's performances The Golden Key and The Adventures of Little Red Riding Hood.

Alexander Davydov got his first experience of filming in cinematography, having played a cameo role in the sensational war drama "Stormy Gates". Here he gained invaluable acting experience, watching the play of such masters of Russian cinema as Andrei Krasko and Mikhail Porechenkov.

And then his filmography began to be regularly replenished with outstanding film works. Now their number exceeds two dozen and continues to grow steadily. Of greatest interest today are the following film projects with his participation: "Happiness by Prescription" (2006), "General Therapy" (2008), "Ranetki" (2009), "Marusya" (2010-2011), "Such an ordinary life" (2010), "Crazy" (2011), "Burnt by the Sun-2. Citadel "(2011)," Summer of Indigo "(2011)," The Legend of the Bomber "(2011)," Country 03 "(2012)," Vain Sacrifice "(2013)," Floor "(2013), memory ", (2016)," Singer "(2016)," Wives on the warpath "(2017)," Faith "(2017).

The actor's latest films include shooting in the historical drama Mutiny and the melodrama Crossroads of Fate.

Personal life of the artist

The official status of Alexander Davydov today is not married. However, detailed information on this matter in the press is not available due to the fact that he does not like to share details about his personal life.

It is only known about the fact that a popular actor has a girl. And from the 2015 photo on Instagram, it became clear that Alexander became a parent. In addition, Davydov has repeatedly spoken about his desire to become a father in a large and happy family. It is this statement that is unambiguously confirmed in the photo on the social network with the hashtag "My Life", where he is in the arms of two boys: Kirill and Artyom.