Elena Koreneva: Biography Of A Famous Actress

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Elena Koreneva: Biography Of A Famous Actress
Elena Koreneva: Biography Of A Famous Actress

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The popular domestic artist Elena Koreneva, possessing unfading charm and beauty, continues to be actively realized in the profession today. Her latest films include projects: "Philology", "Excellent student", "The Other Side of Love", "Van Gogh" and "Russian Bes".

This face is familiar to the whole country
This face is familiar to the whole country

The Soviet era knew few such beautiful film actresses as Elena Koreneva. In addition, she was later able to successfully realize herself in the field of writing and screenwriting, as well as directing. The talented artist is familiar to the wide audience from the films: “The same Munchausen”, “Pokrovskie gates”, “Sisters of the Blood” and “The Matchmaking of a Hussar”.

Biography and career of Elena Koreneva

On October 3, 1953, a future celebrity was born in a creative family in the capital (father is a director, and mother is an actress of theater and cinema). Elena has two more sisters: Maria, an artist (lives in the USA) and Alexandra, a pianist (Moscow).

A specialized school with an emphasis on learning English and an unsuccessful attempt to enter a choreographic school preceded his studies at the Shchukin Theater School. And then Elena Koreneva's creative career began to develop on the stages of Sovremennik, the Moscow Drama Theater on Malaya Bronnaya, the Stanislavsky Theater, and the Australian theater.

The "American" page of the actress's creative life stands apart when she was in the period 1982-1993. tried to be realized in the USA. But the foreign land was not very friendly. I had to work as a waitress and survive a prolonged depression. And after returning to her homeland, Elena Koreneva began to master a new page of life, in which she actively acts in films, plays theatrical roles and writes literary works. On her account there are also directorial works, staged according to her own scripts - short films "Chopin's Nocturne", "Lucy and Grisha" and others.

Elena Koreneva made her cinematic debut when she was only sixteen years old, with a role in her father's film "Taimyr Calls You". Today's filmography of the famous artist includes dozens of films, among which I would especially like to highlight the following: "Sentimental Romance", "Sibiriada", "That very Munchausen", "Pokrovskie Vorota", "Northern Lights", "Roses for Elsa", "Boris Godunov”,“Leningrad 46”,“Her name was Mumu”,“Excellent student”and“The other side of love”.

Personal life of the actress

A three-year office romance with Andrei Konchalovsky was the first in a series of many bright relationships with Elena Koreneva.

After that, American Kevin Moss became her chosen one, and later her official spouse. Because of this marriage, Elena left her homeland. However, due to the bisexual nature of the husband, this family union "ordered to live long."

There are two more atypical cases in Koreneva's romantic life, when she tied herself in relationships with men with unconventional sexuality.

And after returning from the United States to Moscow, there was a five-year civil marriage with Andrei Tashkov, whom she divorced from her wife.

It is noteworthy that Elena Koreneva has no children, and spends all her vitality exclusively on creative work. In addition, everyone knows her social activities, in which she fights for the rights of sexual minorities and animals. She is also an ardent opponent of foreign adoptions, actively participates in opposition and anti-war political events.

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