Rickards Emily Bett: Biography, Career, Personal Life

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Rickards Emily Bett: Biography, Career, Personal Life
Rickards Emily Bett: Biography, Career, Personal Life

Video: Rickards Emily Bett: Biography, Career, Personal Life

Video: Rickards Emily Bett: Biography, Career, Personal Life
Video: Arrow Star Emily Bett Rickards Reacts To Iconic Olicity Kisses! (Exclusive) 2023, March

Young actress Emily Bette Rickards is well known to fans of the CW television series. Popularity and fame brought her role in the TV series "Arrow" on DC comics. In addition, the girl also appeared in several projects related to this series.

Emily Bette Rickards
Emily Bette Rickards

Vancouver, located in Canada, is the hometown of the talented actress Emily Bett Rickards. She was born in 1991, on July 24. The girl was born in a rather creative family, because she was surrounded by an atmosphere of art from birth. Moreover, parents very seriously approached the development of their child's natural talents, because Emily began to engage in creativity in her childhood.

Facts from the biography of Emily Bette Rickards

For the first time on television, Emily appeared only in 2009. At that time, she did not get any role in a movie or television series: the aspiring actress starred in the video clip of the Nickleback group. This was followed by a period of some lull in her creative biography, except for a couple of roles in little-known films, and the artist returned to the screens fully only in 2012.

As a child, Emily Bette Rickards studied in a theater studio for children, where teachers highly appreciated her acting talent. Having become older, Emily was able to get into the troupe of the youth musical theater. From that moment on, she began to step on the stage more and more often and hone her natural talent, learned to stay on stage in front of a large audience, and studied deep stage skills.

Emily did not confine herself to theatrical art. As a teenager, the girl became interested in dancing.

Rickards received her basic secondary education in a regular school, but finished it as an external student. This happened due to the fact that Emily devoted too much effort, time and attention to the development of her acting talent. In addition to performing in the theater, she took frequent lessons, so gradually the usual training began to fade into the background, she did not have enough time. Because of this, the girl was transferred to an accelerated program, which allowed her to graduate from school earlier.

Emily Bette Rickards received her higher education in acting. She entered one of the leading theater schools in Vancouver, which she eventually graduated with success. At this time, her track record was significantly replenished with roles in student productions. Simultaneously with her acting education, Emily Rickards became interested in music. She attended classes in a vocal studio. It was her passion for music and singing that allowed the artist to appear in the previously mentioned video clip of the rock group. In 2008, Emily met Chad, who is the leader and vocalist of Nickleback. The young people made friends, Emily even sang several songs with Chad, and then was invited as an actress to shoot the video.

After graduating from theater high school, Emily hired an agent for herself who helped the aspiring actress sign her first contracts. So, for example, in 2010-2012, Rickards managed to star in the short films Scrambled Eggs and Bacon and Unlike Me.

Actor career

At the moment, the actress's filmography includes 10 projects, excluding the mentioned short films. Among them there are both full-length and television films, as well as serials. And it was thanks to her roles in the television series Emily Bette Rickards that she became a famous, in-demand, recognizable actress.

2012 turned out to be quite fruitful for Emily. She starred in such projects as "Accidental manifestations of romance" and "Flicka 3". In addition, it was in 2012 that the girl got into the cast of the Arrow television series, based on the comic book series about the Green Arrow character (Oliver Queen, DC comics) and his inner circle. Emily was originally announced as a guest actress only. However, from the second season to the present day, she is included in the main cast of the series.

In 2013, Rickards starred in a web series and also appeared on the set of the television project Romeo Killer: The Story of Chris Porco. A year later, the young actress expanded her filmography with the film "Summer of the Dakota".

The next successful and iconic television series for Emily Bette Rickards was the Flash project, as well as the Arrow, based on DC comics. Emily has appeared in 7 episodes of this show since 2014.

In the period 2016-2017, the actress was part of the cast of the series "Legends of Tomorrow", which was again associated with "Flash" and "Arrow". And since 2015 and until now, she has been a member of the Vixen television project.

Family, relationships, personal life

Emily tries not to talk about her private life. She keeps secret information about whether she now has a young man or not. At one time, the artist was prescribed an affair with an actor named Colton Haynes, who works on the TV series Arrow. However, these rumors were ultimately not confirmed.

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