Who Celebrates The Name Day On November 16

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Who Celebrates The Name Day On November 16
Who Celebrates The Name Day On November 16

Video: Who Celebrates The Name Day On November 16

Video: Who Celebrates The Name Day On November 16
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Celebrating the name day is a Christian tradition that marks the day of remembrance of the saint, whose name was given to a person at baptism. Sometimes a lot is hidden behind the secret of the name, it is even believed that the name can influence fate.


Female names

Annas celebrate their name days on November 16. This name is of Jewish origin, means "God's mercy", "grace". The main quality of the owners of this name is kindness and accuracy. In Christianity, Anna is the mother of the Mother of God and the grandmother of Jesus Christ. She was the wife of Saint Joachim, to whom a daughter was born after many years of childless marriage.

On the same day, all Evdokia celebrate the name day. This name came from Byzantium and, together with Christianity, became widespread in Russia. Reinterpreted by ordinary people began to sound like Avdotya. The exact translation of this name is "good glory", "incense". The patroness of the name is the Monk Martyr Evdokia, the Grand Duchess of Moscow. Having been baptized, she gave up her riches and received the gift of miracles, dedicating herself to God.

Despite the large number of name day dates for each name, a person has one name day per year: those that are closer to the date of birth.

Male names

Celebrate Alexandra's name day on this day. This name is of Greek origin and means “protector of people”.

Bogdans also celebrate name days on this day. This is an Old Slavonic name and it means "given by God."

One of the many name days of Vasiliev falls on this number. The name has Greek roots and means "royal", "royal".

On the same day the Vikentiev has a name day. The name means "overcomer", "successful". The patron saint of the name is considered to be the 5th century church writer Reverend Vikenty of Lerinsky. Almost nothing is known about his life except that he lived in Gaul and was a monk in the Lerins monastery.

Vladimir, celebrating the name day on the same day, means in Old Slavonic "the owner of the world", "the ruler of the world."

Ivan can also celebrate his name day on this very day. This name is of Hebrew origin and means "God has mercy."

Few people know that Ilya can celebrate his name day on this day too. The meaning of this name is "the power of God", this is the Hebrew name that sounded earlier like Elijah.

Joseph also celebrates the name day on this day. The betrothed husband of the blessed virgin Mary bore this name, and it means in translation "God let him multiply", is of Hebrew origin. The Monk Joseph of Volotsk, who lived in the 15th century, is considered the patron saint of this name. He founded the Volokolamsk monastery, and is also known as a scribe and denouncer of heretics.

Each name carries an echo of history in itself, having a unique characteristic and symbolism.

On the same day Kuzma's name day, which means "decoration". This name is of Greek origin, and its patron is Cosmas of Maium, who is called the creator of canons for the glory of God. Better known in Russia is Kosma Yakhromsky, who witnessed a miraculous healing in adolescence. The voice from the icon of the Dormition of the Mother of God ordered him to take tonsure, leaving the world. In honor of this voice, Cosmas founded the monastery of the Dormition of the Mother of God and received pilgrims there, visited the sick. His relics now rest in the monastery founded by him and have miraculous healing powers.

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