How To Decorate The City

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How To Decorate The City
How To Decorate The City

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Each individual city seeks to attract as many guests as possible. And in this regard, design contests are often held for the best design of the city. For example, to decorate the city for two major holidays: New Year and City Day.

How to decorate the city
How to decorate the city


Step 1

Light bulbs, garlands and illumination are the most economical and extraordinarily beautiful options. Used in all cities to decorate streets, trees and even houses. Buildings and special structures are used to create illumination. All these decorations are hung both on New Years and on City Day.

Step 2

Flags and banners are hung on City Day to decorate balconies and houses, and they are also widely used in various processions and rallies.

Step 3

Graffiti is the simplest type of wall painting and is widely used in Moscow. For the first time this kind of decoration of the city was organized 10 years ago by the efforts of the townspeople themselves. All those who know how to draw join a specially organized society and for each major holiday, like the New Year or City Day, draw only one picture on any wall of Emerald Street.

Step 4

"Gifts" from benches, fences and handrails are the most beautiful and unusual decoration of the city. The principle of such decoration is very simple: all these items are wrapped in beautiful wrapping paper and tied with bows. This unusual type of decoration has a stunning success among residents and visitors of the city.

Step 5

Ice and metal structures are wonderful decorations and look great on New Years and City Day. On New Year's Eve, patterns are created from ice, as well as various large figures, for example, in St. Petersburg, a whole park of ice figures and Santa Claus on a sleigh made of metal structures have been created.

Step 6

Ice sculptures are a very unusual and wonderful decoration for any city. They are installed for the New Year and depict both the holiday itself and their main characters - Santa Claus and the Snow Maiden.

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