How To Give Feedback

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How To Give Feedback
How To Give Feedback

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Feedback is a reaction, a response to someone's action or an event. This term is used in biology, cybernetics, engineering, psychology, management and many other sciences. This article discusses feedback from a psychological perspective. There are certain rules for how to give feedback.

How to give feedback
How to give feedback


Step 1

Introduce yourself. If you are giving feedback in an unfamiliar community, for example at a meeting of volunteers of a charitable organization, then you need to give people some information about yourself. Because feedback is a personal action from person to person, in which the advantages of simple human communication must be taken into account. That is why psychologists recommend starting every sentence of your speech with the personal pronoun "I".

Step 2

Describe the actions you are giving feedback to. In no case do not become personal, your task is only a neutral description of your observations, as it were, from the side of what is happening, from a third person. This will make your feedback truly objective.

Step 3

Praise merit. Always start with the positive aspects of what you saw and heard. If you start the analysis with a description of what was done well and efficiently, then the analyzed person will more easily perceive the subsequent negative information. In addition, he can see such positive qualities in his work, which he himself did not notice before.

Step 4

Indicate the shortcomings that can be corrected. But point out specific flaws in the work, not in the personality of the person to whom you are giving feedback. If you unleash a flurry of criticism, even if justified, on the ward, it will mean your failure. Disadvantages should be described, focusing on tips for correcting them and the advantages already cited. This will motivate the person to do better work in the future.

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