How To Find Your Email Password

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How To Find Your Email Password
How To Find Your Email Password

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Most Internet users have their own email account, and sometimes more than one. When working with e-mail, you need to know the basic rules, including the ability to recover your mail password, without which it is simply impossible to enter an e-mail box.

How to find your email password
How to find your email password


Step 1

First of all, most e-mail boxes are equipped with an automatic password recovery system, and if necessary, by entering your alternative e-mail address, you can get a forgotten password.

Step 2

If the automatic system could not help you, then you can find out your email password by answering a few questions to recover your password. These are the security questions you were asked to complete when you set up your email inbox, such as your mom's maiden name, pet name, or your favorite number. The answer to the secret question will be an alternative password for entering the e-mail box, and then you can already recover your old password or enter a new one.

Step 3

If you do not remember the answer to the security question, or if you have other difficulties and questions related to password recovery, then you should contact the technical support service of your e-mail box for help. In the letter, indicate the address of the e-mail box, the date of its registration, the provider used, the date of the last visit to the mail, ip-address, and also indicate your approximate password, secret question, and whether you have changed your password recently.

Try to give accurate information about your mailbox, or at least an approximate one, and expect a reply letter. Technical support staff will contact you within 24 hours and help you recover your email password.

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