How To Change Your Surname In Your Passport

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How To Change Your Surname In Your Passport
How To Change Your Surname In Your Passport

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If you decide to change your surname, then you will have to deal with the bearing of the new documents. Civil passport, TIN, pension certificate, medical policy - all these papers will need to be obtained again. However, the legislation does not regulate the timing of changing a passport when changing a surname. Therefore, you can use it until the expiration date of the document.

How to change your surname in your passport
How to change your surname in your passport


Step 1

If you nevertheless decide to change your foreign passport, then first you need to get a new civil one. Further, the procedure for replacing a passport in connection with a change of surname is the same as when receiving a new document due to the expiration of the previous one.

Step 2

To obtain a new foreign passport, you need to collect the following documents: - an application for a foreign passport;

- passport of a citizen of the Russian Federation;

- photo (for a biometric passport - 2 pcs., for an old-style document - 3 pcs.);

- military ID with a mark on the end of service, or a certificate from the military commissariat (only for men 18-27 years old);

- permission of the command, issued in the appropriate order (only for military personnel of the armed forces of the Russian Federation);

- a receipt for payment of the state fee (the cost of a biometric passport is 2500 rubles, the old model is 1000 rubles);

- a previously issued foreign passport, if its validity has not expired.

Step 3

Then you have two ways - go to the Office of the Federal Migration Service (FMS) or register on the websit

Step 4

In the first case, you yourself take the package of documents to the FMS and in a month (or a little more) you will be given a new foreign passport.

Step 5

In the second case, you register on the site The registration procedure takes from two weeks to one and a half months. The fact is that you must wait for the letter sent to the address where you are registered. There you will find a code that can activate your account on the portal. And only after that it will be possible to fill out an application for a new passport

Step 6

After your application has passed the necessary verification, you will be invited to the FMS with the original documents. The employee will schedule a time for you to report to the department. In this case, you will not have to queue.

Step 7

After 3-4 days you will be given a new passport.

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