Who Became The Winner Of The Film Festival "Mirror 2012"

Who Became The Winner Of The Film Festival "Mirror 2012"
Who Became The Winner Of The Film Festival "Mirror 2012"

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For a long time, the city of Yuryevets, Ivanovo region, the birthplace of Tarkovsky, was visited by relatives, friends and admirers of the great master's work. Since 2007, the international festival "Mirror" has been held in these places. At the beginning of June 2012, the VI competition ended, which opened up new names in auteur cinema.

Who became the winner of the film festival
Who became the winner of the film festival

The Audience Award went to the film “From Thursday to Sunday” by Chilean director Dominga Sotomayor.

The Israeli painting "Room 514" was awarded with the wording "For an honest and uncompromising story about the painful problems of his country." Director Sharon Bar-Ziv's debut film focuses on army abuse of power. The main questions raised in the film are how war changes people and where are the boundaries of what is permissible in the fight against terror.

The special jury prize “For the best ensemble cast” went to the film “Open doors and windows”. A young director from Argentina offered a modern interpretation of Chekhov's "Three Sisters".

The award "For the Paradoxical Reflection of Human Nature" was presented to the film "Lonely Planet" directed by Julia Loktev, an American woman with Russian roots. In the center of the plot is a young couple traveling through the mountains of Georgia. A fun journey with a national flavor changes the course of events after a chance encounter. The main characters are forced to take a fresh look at their relationship and rethink what love and trust mean to them.

Brazilian Eduard Nunish was awarded the prize for the best director and a prize in the amount of three hundred thousand rubles for his feature-length debut film "South-West". Long, deeply felt plans and close attention to the detailing of the frame makes it clear that the film was shot in the best traditions of Tarkovsky. The film tells about a special perception of time and the power of imagination, Clarice, the main character, lives a whole life in one day, although the people around her remain unchanged.

The Grand Prix of the Mirror Festival went to Sergei Loznitsa with the film In the Fog. This is the second motion picture to come from Cannes. The main prize of the Mirror Festival and the cash prize of nine hundred thousand rubles were a good addition to the Cannes Prize of the FIPRESCI International Film Critics Association.

The film "In the Fog" is based on the play of the same name by Vasil Bykov. The action takes place in 1942 in Nazi-occupied Belarus. Caught under suspicion of sabotage, the main character Sushchenya turns out to be "a stranger among his own." The Germans let him go, but no one - neither his fellow villagers, nor his own wife trust him. The main question of the film is whether Sushenya will be able to remain true to himself, his homeland and loved ones.

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