How To Find A Girlfriend In Germany

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How To Find A Girlfriend In Germany
How To Find A Girlfriend In Germany

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A Russian woman who studies German and wants to get to know better the cultural characteristics of Germany is always interested in talking to a person living in this country. To avoid the romantic overtones of such communication, it is better to have a German friend. How do you find her?

How to find a girlfriend in Germany
How to find a girlfriend in Germany


Step 1

Take advantage of the opportunities provided by the websites,, These resources are designed for people from around the world who want to communicate by correspondence. The users for the most part are young people, high school students, students. Register to use the features of these sites. Then select a suitable candidate for correspondence and send a message. You can place ads yourself on the indicated sites so that interested German women can respond to it.

Step 2

If your level of German is not yet sufficient for full-fledged communication in this language, go to the resource, follow the link "conversation clubs" and "forum". When chatting there, it's easy to find a pen pal.

Step 3

If in your city there is a higher educational institution with a department of foreign languages, contact there for help. Often, both students and teachers are in contact with representatives of the countries whose languages ​​they study.

Step 4

If you are a German language student, take the opportunity to travel to Germany on a student exchange program. Sometimes universities also organize a recruitment of those wishing to go abroad for the summer to do unskilled work, for example, a nanny or an au pair. Such volunteers are offered accommodation with a German family, a suitable environment for immersion in the language environment and language improvement. Use these opportunities to find a friend in Germany with whom you can continue to communicate after your return home.

Step 5

If you have acquaintances in Germany who, however, are in a different age category, as a result of which you have no common interests, ask them to ask friends girls of your age about their desire to correspond with a Russian woman.

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