Actor Alexey Gorbunov: Biography, Filmography, Personal Life

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Actor Alexey Gorbunov: Biography, Filmography, Personal Life
Actor Alexey Gorbunov: Biography, Filmography, Personal Life

Video: Actor Alexey Gorbunov: Biography, Filmography, Personal Life

Video: Actor Alexey Gorbunov: Biography, Filmography, Personal Life
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Many Russian film-goers today have a twofold attitude towards Alexei Gorbunov. On the one hand, the talented Ukrainian actor, known for many Russian film projects, truly arouses the love of fans, but his cardinal political position in relation to our Motherland cannot be considered loyal.

Alexey Gorbunov looks like Shiko even without makeup
Alexey Gorbunov looks like Shiko even without makeup

A native of Kiev and Honored Artist of Ukraine - Aleksey Gorbunov - has been pleasing his fans for three decades with the talented acting of a theater and film actor. Today, he has more than a hundred films and TV series behind him, which speaks volumes about his fruitful work in the field of acting.

Brief biography and filmography of Alexei Gorbunov

The future "Shiko" was born on October 29, 1961 in Kiev in a family far from the world of culture and art. But, despite the desire of his father to arrange his son's life in the field of repairing refrigerators, as well as his own hobbies for football and blackmail, Alexei nevertheless decides to enter a theater university.

On the first attempt, the Karpenko-Kary Kiev Theater Institute did not bother to appreciate Gorbunov's acting talent due to his lack of membership in the prestigious Komsomol. However, this event did not embarrass the young man, and he, having worked for a year as a worker at the Lesia Ukrainka Theater, made the necessary acquaintances and on the second attempt was nevertheless accepted there.

In 1984, the coveted diploma was received, and the day of receiving higher acting education coincided with his debut in cinema. Due to the refusal of Oleg Menshikov due to his busy work schedule, Alexei Gorbunov was promptly assigned to the main role in the film "Unmarked Cargo". It is from this moment that our hero can in the full sense be considered an accomplished film actor.

And then there were films in children's films: "Makar the Pathfinder" and "Vacations of Petrov and Vasechkin" - and the defense of the Motherland as a conscript. In the "nineties" Alexei had to share the fate of most of the actors of that time. However, Vladimir Popkov radically changed the situation, taking him to the role of the jester Shiko in the historical multi-part film project "The Countess de Monsoro".

Having successfully realized himself in the first Russian film, Alexei Gorbunov was often invited to new roles in our country. Now he begins to enjoy deafening success and becomes involved in the galaxy of Russian stars. Working with Nikita Mikhalkov in 2005 in the project "State Councilor" and then two years later in the film "12" brings him to an even higher peak of popularity. For his last film work, he was awarded the Golden Eagle in the Best Actor nomination.

Currently, the artist's filmography includes such film projects as "Birthday of the Bourgeois" (1999), "Turkish March" (2000), "Piranha Hunt" (2006), "Hipsters" (2008), "Inhabited Island" (2009), "House of the Sun" (2009), "Möbius" (2013; France), "Leningrad 46" (2015), "Locust" (2015).

Currently, the actor's films are not known in Ukraine, and in Russia he is no longer filmed because of his irreconcilable political position.

Personal life of the actor

Two marriages behind the shoulders of Alexei Gorbunov brought the world two daughters: one from each. The first wife of the actor was the artist Svetlana Lopukhova, who gave birth to him Anastasia.

Irina Kovaleva became the second wife in 2009. In this family union, Sofia was born.