His Song Was Recognized By The Vatican

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His Song Was Recognized By The Vatican
His Song Was Recognized By The Vatican

Video: His Song Was Recognized By The Vatican

Video: His Song Was Recognized By The Vatican
Video: Award-winning composer presents Pope Francis with a song about him 2023, June

The song of the British rock trio MUSE was recognized by the Vatican. The song Uprising was included in the list of compositions "capable of reaching the hearts of benevolent people." Who is the creator of this piece?

Matthew Bellamy at a concert called HAARP
Matthew Bellamy at a concert called HAARP

This happened in December 2009. The Vatican has published a list of musical compositions that will certainly reach human hearts. Surprisingly, this list includes a rock-style song.

The curious, of course, would be interested to know what kind of works the Vatican listed in its list. However, with the change of the Pope, such acquaintance became problematic.

The only thing known for certain is the fact that the song “Uprising” of the British band “MUSE” is on the list. The author of the lyrics and music of the song is the irreplaceable author of the compositions of this group, Matthew Bellamy.

It's not often that the Vatican officially recognizes songs written by rock musicians. Such an honor must be earned. Matthew Bellamy has never sought high recognition for his work. He traditionally writes only about what really excites him.


Matt is not familiar with musical notation. Playing his beloved Rachmaninov, he "picks up by ear." Also "by ear", composes music. This musician never fixes anything, approaching the matter philosophically. Usually he says this: if he has composed something worthwhile, then it will never be forgotten.

Music that Matt has not forgotten is sure to be rewarded with his poems. He writes amazing poetry! Honestly, this is real poetry.


Matthew turned forty this June. Bellamy really became interested in music at the age of 13. Once he preferred exclusively grunge, but now he began to understand the classics.

A genius is also a man

Surely many would like to see in the rock musician, to whom the Vatican was not indifferent, all sorts of aspirations for goodness. Especially for these people, it should be noted that Matt Bellamy has never taken drugs and is still faithful to the teachings of his mother.

Also, he never had any illusions about himself and what he was doing. Matt is sure that without all the instruments accompanying his singing, he will look rather strange and resemble a screaming maniac.

Let's go play rock

“MUSE” was born out of the community of numerous school bands, in which the musicians of this group played. They played quite hard rock there.

During his school years, Matt constantly fell in love with someone. The girls did not reciprocate, although he was ready for any heroic deeds, up to various self-sacrifices.

Dominic Howard, drummer for "MUSE", recalls the time when Matt, instead of going to rehearsal, could very well sit somewhere alone, crying over another romantic failure. I had to find him and bring him to his senses. "Pull yourself together," Dom said to Matt, "let's go play rock!"

Some girls still call Bellamy the "little nightmare". Well, yes, he is short (170 cm), awkward, with a funny gait, awkward movements and teeth on which braces cry. A mongrel, in a word. Exterior - not even zero, but a minus somewhat to a fairly large extent.

But! It is worth taking a closer look at it. The subtle, mysterious smile of Gioconda, amazingly clean blue eyes and … hands will certainly come to the fore. Hands about which you can write poems and odes.

Oh these hands

Many MUSE fans confess to being in love with Matt Bellamy's arms. Yes, hands are undoubtedly his main treasure! Matt protects them like the apple of his eye.

He does not protect his face, unlike his hands - once (in April 2004) he ripped his upper lip with a guitar neck. They say Bellamy didn’t stop playing until a pool of blood began to pour under his feet. Matt suffered then only because the stitches in the hospital hurt for a long time and he could not speak. The scars, of course, still remain. Now they are barely noticeable.


There is no need to rack your brains over the question of where does this voice, this music come from in him. Where can you hide fire, sky, storm? Indeed, where ?! He is so thin and small, his soul is not clear where it is kept! If you blow, it will fly away.

It turned out that the question has no answer. That does not have it and that's it. Even Matt himself cannot explain anything. He says that he is afraid to look for something in himself - suddenly, having found an answer, he will suddenly lose everything that he owns. Well, he's right, they don't joke with things like that. If you are "led" from above (and he is led), you should not poke your nose into the affairs of the wise.

So, this tiny mongrel goes on stage, picks up a guitar or touches the keys, and … turns into a shaman. He becomes a super-being, commanding the crowd with a wave of his hand. It transforms beyond recognition, shines and burns. The crowd sings with him in unison and stretches their palms as if they want to warm themselves in his rays.

His voice

Matt's vocals give MUSE a completeness and distinctness from anyone else. This voice cannot be confused with any other. Dominic said that once Matthew, hearing his voice on the tape, was scared of him. The guy could not get used to it for a long time that it was his voice, because he himself hears differently.

An interesting point: as a child, Bellamy did not differ in vocal abilities. At the age of thirteen, a miracle happened - with an age mutation, Matt was presented by nature with a musical instrument of enormous power.

His ligaments are unique, everyone knows that. Sometimes it seems that they are a living being that exists separately, autonomously. “It seems like it’s not me singing, but my inner voice,” complains Matt.

That's right, it is! Take Matt's amazing ability to jump and dance at concerts, for example, while maintaining even breathing. Surprisingly and generally impossible, but it is. Bellamy usually jokes about all the enthusiasm for her vocal abilities.

Wrong atheist

Impossible, prickly and harsh in appearance, but in fact a vulnerable and delicate artist. He calls himself an atheist. Nevertheless, after reading the lyrics of his songs, it is easy to understand that Matthew Bellamy, in fact, belongs to the people of absolute believers. There are very few of them on Earth.

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