How To Get The Correct Passport In

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How To Get The Correct Passport In
How To Get The Correct Passport In

Video: How To Get The Correct Passport In

Video: How To Get The Correct Passport In

A citizen of Russia can obtain two versions of a foreign passport: an old one, which is valid for five years, or a new biometric one, designed for 10 years and has more pages for visas. The first will cost significantly less. In both cases, you must contact the territorial office of the FMS at the place of residence (registration) or stay in the presence of temporary registration.

How to get a correct passport
How to get a correct passport

It is necessary

  • - application form;
  • - photos;
  • - money to pay the state duty.


Step 1

The main task is to correctly fill out an application form for the issuance of a passport. Most of the sections are not particularly difficult: everything is clear anyway.

Unless it is worth saying that the answers to all questions must be exhaustive. Where necessary, write "I was not (a)", "I do not belong", "I do not have."

It is best to familiarize yourself with a sample of filling out the questionnaire, which should be posted in a conspicuous place in the FMS department.

Step 2

Particular attention should be paid to the section on work activities over the past five years. Usually, when filling out the questionnaire on their own, they make the most mistakes.

If you work and your work book is with the employer, as it should be by law, do not be lazy to take a certified copy from him (he is obliged to provide you with this document upon request). Fill out the section in strict accordance with the records in the labor manual. However, abbreviations, even if they exist, are inadmissible: only full names.

Step 3

If you fill out an application form via the Internet using the portal "", check with your FMS department what is the procedure for certifying information about the job: whether you have to take a printed application form to the employer for this, or it will be enough to present a certified copy of the employment form to the FMS. In the second option, for how long it is valid.

If you do not work, bring the original work book as part of the package of documents. If you are an entrepreneur, please bring your registration certificate in this capacity. The FMS officer will have to see the documents in order to certify your application.

Step 4

It will not be superfluous to clarify the requirements for photography: on the website of the FMS of Russia and its regional offices, as a rule, there is no such information, only the quantity is 2 pieces.

When submitting a questionnaire through the portal, the photo must be attached to it in digital format.

Step 5

Pay the state fee. Details and the amount can be found in the FMS department or the nearest branch of Sberbank of Russia. In 2010, the production of an old-style passport cost 1 thousand rubles. for an adult and 300 rubles. for a child, new - 2, 5 thousand and 1 thousand rubles. respectively.

Do not forget to take your internal passport with you to the FMS department and, if you have an existing passport, if its validity has not yet expired.

You will receive a new document in a month if you applied to the department at your place of residence, and after four - at the place of stay.

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