How To Check If A Phone Is Wanted Or Not

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How To Check If A Phone Is Wanted Or Not
How To Check If A Phone Is Wanted Or Not

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The desire to have a high-quality, multifunctional and beautiful mobile phone, unfortunately, does not always and not all coincide with the capabilities. Someone still decides to buy on credit, someone refuses to own a modern mobile phone, and someone decides to buy a second-hand phone already in use. But where is the guarantee that such a device is not stolen and is not on the wanted list?

How to check if a phone is wanted or not
How to check if a phone is wanted or not


Step 1

Never buy a used phone if the seller cannot provide you with the documents. When buying a used cell phone, be sure to ask the consultant for written confirmation of the transfer of the phone to the store by its former owner. Unfortunately, not every seller will dare to present such documents, because they may indicate the price he paid for the purchase of this device. And the document itself is quite easy to forge.

To protect yourself from buying a wanted phone, find out the International Mobile Equipment Identity (IMEI). As a rule, these are 15 digits located directly on the handset of the phone (under the battery). If you did not find this number on the device, dial the digits * # 06 #. Phones of all manufacturers usually respond with their own identification number. Fix it on paper (write it down carefully), and then try to go online as soon as possible.

Step 2

Visit the site, in the window that opens, enter the IMEI of the phone. Then click on the "check" link. This database contains phone numbers that are on the wanted list. Accordingly, if you see an inscription that no IMEI numbers corresponding to the search were found in the database, then the phone does not have a criminal past.

However, not all stolen phone numbers are entered in this database, so if the number you entered is not found, this does not mean that no one is looking for your phone. In addition, the number of the phone you purchased may appear in the database much later than you buy it.

Step 3

There is another way to check whether a used phone is on the wanted list. Send a paid message (its cost is 5 rubles) to number 4443. In the message, write: "The Ministry of Internal Affairs is a space and your IMEI code." The response message will contain information about whether your phone is wanted or not.

Sometimes it is better to give up the "fancy", but used phone and give preference to an inexpensive, but new and "clean" pipe before the law.

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