How To Get The Rank Of Lieutenant

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How To Get The Rank Of Lieutenant
How To Get The Rank Of Lieutenant

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How to get the rank of lieutenant Lieutenant is a junior rank in the officer corps of the armed forces, police, Ministry of Emergency Situations and other security forces. The lowest officer rank is junior lieutenant, followed by lieutenant and senior lieutenant. In order to put on shoulder straps of the lowest officer rank, for example in the Armed Forces, you must:

How to get the rank of lieutenant
How to get the rank of lieutenant


Step 1

Enter to study at any military university. A citizen of the Russian Federation from 16 to 22 years old can become a cadet. Received secondary education. Those who managed to serve in the Army by conscription or contract are admitted to military universities up to 24 years old. The applicant must meet the first or second health fitness category

Step 2

Persons wishing to enter a military university submit applications to the military commissariat at the place of residence no later than April 20 of the year of admission. The application is accompanied by an autobiography, a characteristic, a copy of a document on secondary education, six photographs 4, 5 × 6 cm.

Step 3

The next step is to undergo a medical examination. Where you need certificates from the neuropsychiatric, drug addiction, anti-tuberculosis dermatovenerologic dispensaries. Certificates from other medical institutions about the presence or absence of chronic diseases.

Step 4

Further, the applicant must arrive at the location of the university of his choice where he will have to undergo professional selection. At this stage, the level of education, physical fitness and moral qualities of the candidate are assessed. The university needs to provide the results of the Unified State Exam (Unified State Exam), pass an interview and psychological testing, and also pass an exam in physical fitness. Subject to the successful passing of the tests, the applicant is enrolled in the university and becomes a cadet.

Step 5

Studying at a military university is similar to studying at civilian universities, except that the cadets are in a barracks position, live and study in accordance with the military regulations of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation. Subject to successful completion of training as a rule for 5 years, the cadet receives the rank of junior lieutenant and is sent to military service in the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation.

Step 6

For the next two years, the young officer will have to wear the junior lieutenant's shoulder straps. After the expiration, which the officer gets the opportunity to receive the next military rank of lieutenant. Provided that the applicant will not have disciplinary sanctions, and will show high professional and moral qualities.

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