How To Get An Officer Rank

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How To Get An Officer Rank
How To Get An Officer Rank

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The officers of the Russian army at all times had a special attitude. They were considered the elite of society, and the strength of the army consisted in their courage and nobility. It is considered prestigious to be an officer. But officer's shoulder straps are given with great difficulty and not for everyone. What needs to be done to get an officer's rank?

How to get an officer rank
How to get an officer rank


Step 1

In order to receive an officer's rank, one must be worthy of it and the honor of wearing the uniform of an officer of the Russian army. In addition to high moral qualities and resistance to stress, obtaining an officer's rank requires impeccable knowledge of the regulations of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation, the ability to handle weapons, lead subordinate personnel, and excellent tactical and physical training. In addition to the above qualities, you must be a qualified specialist in professional activities and be able to do your job in difficult field conditions and extraordinary situations.

Step 2

To obtain an officer's rank, you must successfully graduate from a military school, institute or academy. This is not an easy way, but having received officer's shoulder straps in this way you become a regular officer, which is much more honorable than certified officers from a civilian woman. You can also get an officer's rank by graduating from a civilian institute with a military department and successfully completing field training. But such officers rarely go to serve in the army and immediately fall into the reserve. An officer's rank can be obtained with a higher education and passing special accelerated command courses. When recruiting civilian specialists to the state security bodies, they resort to just such methods of assigning an officer rank.

Step 3

To receive the next officer rank, you must hold a position according to this rank. Those. if you have a captain's position, and you are already a captain, then you will not be able to get the next rank. To begin with, you will need to take a major position, and only then, according to the length of service, you will be able to be awarded the rank of major. In some cases, as a reward, you can get an officer's rank a step higher than the position held.

Step 4

You can get an officer's rank ahead of schedule as an incentive at the discretion of management, having an impeccable track record and excellence in the professional field. Such cases are rare, but they do occur.

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