How To Send A Parcel To The Army

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How To Send A Parcel To The Army
How To Send A Parcel To The Army

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Sending a parcel to a friend in the army is a noble cause. Sending itself is not a complicated process, but there are some subtleties. Therefore, you should pay attention to some details so that you do not have to, for example, re-come to the post office.

How to send a parcel to the army
How to send a parcel to the army

It is necessary

  • -mail box;
  • -allowed products;
  • -passport;
  • - postal form.


Step 1

Collect the package in a suitable sized cardboard box. The box should be purchased from your nearest post office. It will be folded, so you will have to assemble the box yourself. In the army, sweets are very much appreciated, of course, preference should be given to products that are well stored. Condensed milk, cookies and the like will do. You can send cigarettes to smokers. But alcohol, for example, is strictly prohibited.

Step 2

Responsibly approach the issue of packaging, it is better to wrap fragile objects with a cloth or cotton wool, liquids must be sealed. There should be no voids between the packed items. During the delivery process, the parcels are not handled very carefully. Stack the parcel so that the box does not deform from the things put in it, otherwise it may not be accepted.

Step 3

Find out the mode and principle of operation of the nearby post offices. Some of them do not accept packages weighing more than two kilograms. With the box already packed, but not sealed, come to the desired compartment. Be sure to bring your ID with you. Naturally, you need to know the address to which the package will be sent.

Step 4

Take the form for sending the parcel at the post office and fill it out. In the form, you must indicate the name of the recipient, address, military unit. In addition, the data of the sender, including passport data, must be indicated there. In the appropriate paragraph, indicate the approximate cost of the parcel. If you wish, you can make an inventory of it. To do this, you will need to take the appropriate form. Information about the sender and the recipient is duplicated on the box itself.

Step 5

Present the unsealed box, letterhead and passport to the operator. The operator will pack the parcel himself and name the cost of the shipment. Prices vary depending on the region, weight and value of the parcel. More information can be obtained directly by mail.

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