How To Send A Parcel To Jail

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How To Send A Parcel To Jail
How To Send A Parcel To Jail

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The relatives of the convict can send parcels, parcels and parcels to the correctional institution several times a year. Not all items and products you can send to a prisoner, you need to know exactly the list of prohibited things in order to assemble the correct set.

How to send a parcel to jail
How to send a parcel to jail


Step 1

Parcels to women and people in educational colonies can be sent without limiting their number. But other conditions have been created for men, and the number of parcels is limited. The correctional institution establishes different rules for convicts with ordinary, light and strict conditions for serving their sentences.

Step 2

Under normal conditions, you can send six parcels and six parcels in one year. If your relative is in light conditions, collect twelve packages and the same number of parcels. Strict conditions allow prisoners to receive only three types of parcels.

Step 3

You will be able to deliver two parcels and two parcels to a relative in a general security prison. Bring your belongings to a strict facility only twice a year.

Step 4

You can hand over the very first package as soon as the convicted person arrives at the prison. Send the next parcel post, calculating the required period. To do this, divide the 12 months of the year by the number of items your relative is entitled to.

Step 5

The weight of the parcel is limited by postal rules, you can read them at any post office in Russia. The maximum weight of a parcel should be 20 kg, and a parcel - 5 kg.

Step 6

When you start collecting the transfer, do not forget about the list of items prohibited for transfer to prisoners. You can read the exact list at the correctional facility. Do not break the rules when choosing things, so as not to create problems for the convict.

Step 7

Instead of the required parcel and a parcel, relatives can purchase basic necessities and food in the store at the correctional institution and give this set to the convict.

Step 8

You can also purchase goods through the online store. Select the things the prisoner needs and they will be delivered to the prison. Ask the prison administration for the procedure for registering a parcel through the online store.

Step 9

You have the right to send a money order, which will be credited to the prisoner's personal account. With these funds, he will buy everything he needs in the store at the correctional institution.

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