Michael Bohm: Biography And Personal Life

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Michael Bohm: Biography And Personal Life
Michael Bohm: Biography And Personal Life

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Russian journalist of American origin Michael Bohm is incredibly popular today. Rare political programs on Russian TV channels do without his participation. He explains his interest in our country by the fact that "Russians are a very entertaining nation."

Michael Bohm: biography and personal life
Michael Bohm: biography and personal life

Michael was born in 1965 in St. Louis. He received his first education as an insurance specialist and in 1988 began working for a New York company. In 1997, a successful employee was sent to Moscow to lead a new department. Two years later, colleagues from Germany invited Michael to head their St. Petersburg branch. Now it is difficult to imagine that when Bohm moved from America, he practically did not speak Russian. Learning the language took a long time, but it was well spent. Today, an American is fluent in it, he has mastered not only the basic rules, but also all the subtleties of the Russian language, phraseological units and idioms often sound in his speech.

Love for Russia

The job brought a steady income and career advancement, but Michael dreamed of journalism. In 2003, he returned to the United States to begin his studies at Columbia University. This time he specializes in international relations and the Russian language.

For a long time Bohm never ceases to confess his love for our country: "I defend the interests of the United States, but I love Russia!" He realized this when he visited the USSR for the first time as a student. This is confirmed by all further biography of Michael. In 2006, he published a book, a guidebook intended for foreigners who found work in Russia. This English-language edition tells about the Russian work ethic.


Michael devoted the next seven years to The Moscow Times. As editor of the comments department, he published about a hundred of his articles.

Bohm has considered himself a freelance journalist since 2014. He first appeared on Radio Rain with a lecture on freedom of speech. During the same period, the American taught at MGIMO, where he once studied himself for a semester. The lecture course for students was devoted to the coverage of Russian events by the American media.

For several years, the site "Echo of Moscow" has published its columns weekly, cooperation with the daily "Moskovsky Komsomolets" continues.

In recent years, expert Bohm has regularly attended Russian talk shows where issues of world politics and economics are discussed: Vremya Pokazhet on Channel One, Evening with Vladimir Solovyov and Duel on Russia-1, Open Studio on Channel Five, "Meeting Place" on NTV. The journalist has repeatedly noted that he likes this format of programs, and there are no such programs in the States. The audience is attracted by a youthful American, a great patriot of his country. He is educated, well-mannered, surprisingly courageous and honest. All these qualities helped him to conquer the audience and find his fans. The American has spent two decades in Russia, and he intends to continue his activities in the future. In 2016, Bohm announced his desire to obtain Russian citizenship. The journalist hopes that this will make his life in Russia easier and give certain guarantees.

Personal life

Little is known about how the journalist lives on the other side of the cameras. Michael leads a healthy lifestyle, goes to the gym and is indifferent to alcohol. His work schedule is quite busy, there is almost no time left to watch popular American programs and TV series. Like many Yankees, he is pragmatic and stubborn. From time to time he visits his homeland, where his loved ones remained.

In 2013, Bohm married a Russian girl, Svetlana. The family had a daughter, Nicole. But the marriage turned out to be short-lived and soon fell apart.

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