How To Find A Prisoner

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How To Find A Prisoner
How To Find A Prisoner

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For a number of reasons, the search for a prisoner of a preliminary investigation or a convicted person is quite difficult. Currently, there are several ways to find a person in a correctional facility.

How to find a prisoner
How to find a prisoner


Step 1

Search via the Internet and telephone. Visit the website of the prison and try to find the person through the prisoners registration database.

Step 2

Enter your full name in the search menu. prisoner, date of birth, date of imprisonment. If no information can be found, call this correctional institution and, after stating the date of imprisonment, ask for information about the person.

Step 3

At a checkpoint or in the admission department of a correctional institution. Here you will have to provide information about the prisoner, the reason for the imprisonment and the identification number (if you know it).

Step 4

At the police station. You can get information about a prisoner or convicted person from a specialized database. It is also necessary to provide information about him, the date of detention, the number of the criminal case and the article under which he was convicted. After that, you can be given information about the location of the person, provide the identification number of the prisoner and give the address of his place of detention.

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