How The Blessing Of The Parents Goes

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How The Blessing Of The Parents Goes
How The Blessing Of The Parents Goes

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The blessing of the parents of the bride and groom before the wedding in Russia has always been considered one of the important events on this day. Blessing is not required today, but most couples adhere to Russian traditions.

How the blessing of the parents goes
How the blessing of the parents goes


Step 1

The parents of the bride are the first to bless the bride and groom. This happens immediately after the foreclosure and before registration and on the territory of the apartment.

Step 2

According to an old custom, parents should have an icon of the Savior and the Mother of God, and the oldest icon in the house will do. The bride and groom should kneel as a sign of respect and admiration for their parents on a special rug or carpet. Parents cross the young three times in the air and say parting words, wishing a happy family life and long joint years. This blessing is considered the permission of the bride's parents to marry the groom, and also implies the voluntary consent of the bride herself to marry.

Step 3

After the parting speech of the bride's parents, the young kiss and, together with all the guests and relatives, go to the registry office. And the icons with which the young people were blessed are transferred to the newly created family and are kept until the wedding of their children.

Step 4

The groom's parents should also bless the young couple on their wedding day. This moment comes after the painting in the registry office in the house of the groom's parents. Sometimes the blessing takes place in front of the entrance to the banquet hall, where it is planned to celebrate the wedding day. In this case, the bride and groom entering the building must walk along a specially laid carpet path, it is also called the “carpet of prosperity”. The groom's mom is holding a loaf of salt, and dad is holding an icon. The words of the parents' blessing are spoken. They can be similar to the parting words of the bride's parents, or they can also sound in verses - at the request of the parents.

Step 5

At the end of the words of blessing, all the guests, together with their parents, shout loudly to the young people: "Bitter!"

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