How To Clean A House With Candles

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How To Clean A House With Candles
How To Clean A House With Candles

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Houses, their corners and walls are mute witnesses of many events taking place in families. Each event has its own energy - positive or negative. Everything would be fine, but accumulating like dust in the corners of a dwelling, negative energy destroys the life of the family, which means, just like they do with dust, you need to get rid of the negative. Cleaning the room can be done with candles.

How to clean a house with candles
How to clean a house with candles

It is necessary

wax or paraffin candles


Step 1

Quarrels in the family, the arrival of guests, noisy parties, blues and loss of strength, family troubles - this is not a complete list of indications for energy cleaning at home. In addition to emergencies, cleaning should be done regularly to prevent negativity from stagnating in your home.

Go to the church shop and buy some church candles for the number of rooms in your house. It should be remembered that the bath, toilet, pantry, hallway, kitchen and other utility rooms are considered separate rooms.

If something in you protests against the use of church candles or there is simply no church shop nearby, wax candles can be replaced with paraffin candles from the nearest hardware store. Only the candles must be absolutely white.

Step 2

Memorize any prayer. Your membership in any concession is not important, because in prayer it is not the meaning and order of words that play a role, but the energetic vibrations that it generates. Even "Our Father" or just a sincere request to the Higher Powers to cleanse your home from all evil will do.

Step 3

Light a candle, stand in the center of the room you are going to cleanse and make a request (prayer) to the Higher Forces. While reading, move the candle around you first counterclockwise and then clockwise.

Step 4

After the fire has removed all the negativity from yourself, start cleaning the room. Go around it counterclockwise, lingering in places where the candle flame begins to worry and smoke. With this action, you remove, burn all evil, everything dark that has accumulated in the corners of the room and could harm you and your family.

Step 5

Then again go around with a candle around the perimeter of the room, but already clockwise. So you saturate the room with the light of fire, positive energy.

Step 6

Place a candle in the middle of the room and let it burn out. When leaving the room, try to leave in such a way as to be facing the candle all the time. By the way, when leaving an open fire in the room, take care that cleaning does not turn into a fire.

Step 7

Clean each next room in the same way as the previous one. The main condition: a candle for each of the following rooms is lit from the fire of the previous one.

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