How To Bring To Clean Water

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How To Bring To Clean Water
How To Bring To Clean Water

Video: How To Bring To Clean Water

Video: How To Bring To Clean Water
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Lying is very common. Some people lie out of habit, others out of fear, others out of the pleasure of lying and embellishing. Not to mention dishonest people who deliberately mislead a person in order to use it for their own purposes.

If a person knows how to lie, he can “deceive” even a lie detector. However, there are more reliable ways to tell if someone is lying to you or telling the truth!

How to bring to clean water
How to bring to clean water


Step 1

One of these ways is body language. When a person tells a lie, his body sends out non-verbal signals that “betray” the liar:

- profuse sweating, perspiration on the forehead;

- frequent blinking of the eyes;

- evading glance;

- running glance;

- exaggeratedly sincere look;

- rubbing the tip of the nose and earlobe;

- swinging the body in different directions;

- licking lips or teeth with the tongue.

These are signs that can catch a liar in a lie if he: is nervous; Feelings of guilt has not yet learned and is not used to lying - for example, a child.

Step 2

However, as you can imagine, not every liar is nervous and guilty. Especially if he likes to lie and this person is immoral. In this case, face reading will help you.

Take a closer look at this person's face for the following signs of a tendency to deception and lies:

- crooked smile. This smile can be both cynical and charming. But do not let it mislead you: this person is inclined to deceive both himself and others.

- stretching the lips to one side;

- twitching of the mouth;

- half-closed eyes. This sign indicates the possible deceit and treachery of the owner of such eyes.

- asymmetry of the eyes (when one eye is larger / smaller than the other, or when one eyelid is denser than the other).

Step 3

And, finally, the most unmistakable way to "bring a person to clean water" is to read the aura. Everything is reflected in the aura - both the tendency to lie, and the slightest deception. To read the aura, it is not at all necessary to have the paranormal abilities of seeing the aura. People often feel the aura intuitively and unconsciously. For example, when they say: “I feel that something is wrong in him,” or “I don’t know why, but you don’t say something,” etc.

Information about a person is stored in his data banks - chakras. To determine for sure whether a person is lying to you or telling the truth, you need to use three simple lie detectors.

First you need to tune in to reading the aura. Be aware and feel your whole body; gain strength by mentally referring to your spiritual source; master the intention to learn more about this person.

Then tune in to the chakra of this person's communication (it is located in the throat area) and mentally ask: "How truthful is this person in communication?" (or "How sincere is this person speaking?")

Sometimes a person deceives not in words, but in deeds, i.e. by their actions. Tune in to the power chakra databank (in the solar plexus area) and ask, "How is this person using his power?"

After that, check the person for his spiritual authenticity. Many people do not consider it cheating that they mistake white for black and black for white. This type of lie is self-deception, and outwardly a person can behave sincerely and honestly. Tune in to his spirituality chakra (near the crown of his head) and mentally ask, "How spiritually pure is this person?"

Step 4

Always trust your inner knowledge (intuition). If you see that the person is dishonest with you and you cannot trust him, do not be afraid to part with him. Nature abhors a vacuum, and you MUST meet an honest, sincere and reliable partner!