How To Write Poetry

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How To Write Poetry
How To Write Poetry

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The desire to express your thoughts and feelings is sometimes realized in writing poetry. But if some people are gifted with the talent to compose rhymed works easily, others are forced to painstakingly think over each word. Although the desire to create does not disappear from this.

How to write poetry
How to write poetry

Whether you are talented or not, your poems must obey the standard laws - be rhythmic and rhymed, of course, if we are not talking about white poetry, which, by the way, also have their own rhythm. Despite the fact that many gifted people write poems without knowledge of theory, it is still useful to study the basic poetic techniques, tropes and dimensions.

Of course, you can write poetry correctly. But for this, you should at least understand the basic principles of building rhythm and rhyming lines. So, rhyme is the same sounding of the last syllables of the lines. It can be present in two consecutive lines, as well as through a line.

Rhythm is a concept, on the one hand, is quite clear, but on the other hand, there are many rhythms in versification, it is not easy to understand them. The main thing is to understand the systematic arrangement of the stress.

Basic principles of rhythm

To write poetry, you need to feel their rhythm. Re-read any poem - you will understand what it is about. Rhythm arises as a result of a certain arrangement of stressed and unstressed syllables in a line. So, there are two-part and three-part sizes (two-part and three-part, that is, a rhythm consisting of two or three syllables).

Without going into the details of the types of dimensions, one should see exactly how the rhythm is created in the poem. To do this, take any example and break it down into syllables, as here: "My uncle of the most honest rules …" (Pushkin A.S., "Eugene Onegin"). Now put the stress, you get the scheme: _ ′ / _ ′ / _ ′ etc. As you can see, in this example, the rhythm is created by two syllables, the second of which is under stress.

Similar examples can be found with a rhythm of three syllables and an emphasis on one of them. But the basic rule is that the stress falls on a certain syllable in order. Of course, you do not need to select only short words to match the order of the stressed letter combinations. Long words do not interfere with the construction of rhythm, the main thing is that their stressed syllable falls into the general scheme.

Other rules for writing poems

Once you understand rhythm and rhyme, you can write poetry correctly. But there is still one more important factor - emotionality. Even one quatrain is a product of the author's creativity, in which the poet's soul must be present. The poems are designed to reflect the feelings, experiences, experience of the author. They become a way for him to express himself.

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