How To Hold A Plug

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How To Hold A Plug
How To Hold A Plug

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Table etiquette clearly describes how to properly hold a fork, spoon and knife. It's one thing to eat at home, where you are hidden from prying eyes. But it is completely different when you are at a party or at a social reception. If you mishandle your cutlery, they can become your enemies instead of helping you.

Learn to hold the cutlery correctly. This skill will come in handy in a restaurant
Learn to hold the cutlery correctly. This skill will come in handy in a restaurant


Step 1

When you sit down at the table, you should pay attention to its setting. All appliances and utensils ideally stand in their place and each play their own role, which will help you not to get confused while eating. Correct and skillful use of serving items involves their use for their intended purpose. Remember that all cutlery, whether knives or forks, should be to the right of the plate. They take them and hold them with their right hand while eating. Accordingly, the devices to the left of the plate are taken with the left hand. If dessert utensils are on the table with handles to the right, they must be taken with your right hand, and those that are located with handles to the left - with your left.

Step 2

The knife should be held in such a way that the end of the knife handle rests directly on the palm of your right hand. In this case, the thumb and middle fingers hold the beginning of the knife handle by the sides, the index finger is on top of the handle. When cutting a piece of food, this finger is pressed against the handle of the knife. The rest of the fingers should be bent towards the palm.

Step 3

The fork must be properly held with the prongs down and in the left hand so that the end of its handle rests slightly on the palm. In this case, the thumb and middle finger should hold the fork by its edge, and the index finger - from above, pressing the fork handle down. The rest of the fingers are slightly bent and pressed against the palm.

Step 4

Small pieces of food and some side dishes for fish or meat (mashed potatoes, for example) cannot be eaten with a fork. In such cases, you can use it like a spoon by flipping the fork with the teeth upwards so that the flat part of the beginning of the handle of your fork rests on your middle finger. In this case, the handle should rest with its end on the index finger, or rather, on its base. With the index finger itself, hold the fork on its side, and on top with the thumb. The rest of the fingers are again pressed to the palm. In this case, food is picked up with a fork, helping, if necessary, with the tip of a knife.

Step 5

It is customary to hold a spoon in the right hand: the end of its handle lies on the base of the index finger, and its beginning is on the middle finger. With the thumb, the spoon is pressed against the middle finger from above, and with the index finger it adheres to the side.

Step 6

While eating, a fork with a knife should be held at an angle to the dish. Holding these items perpendicular to the platter may cause the fork to slip out of your hands. Then pieces of food can fly onto the tablecloth.

Step 7

If a dish can be cut into pieces without using a knife, then only a fork is served to such a dish, and it is held with the right hand.

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