Pollock Jackson: Biography, Career, Personal Life

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Pollock Jackson: Biography, Career, Personal Life
Pollock Jackson: Biography, Career, Personal Life

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Every artist transfers to a canvas or other surface the image that has arisen in his subconscious. It is difficult for an unprepared contemplator to understand the idea or thought inherent in colors and images. Shelf Jackson did not paint his paintings, but created them.

Pollock Jackson
Pollock Jackson

Children's complexes

In the biography of Pollock Jackson, it is briefly mentioned that the artist was looking for new ways to describe space. In this context, it is important to note his specialization among people involved in drawing, he was referred to as abstract expressionists. The future abstract artist was born on January 29, 1912 in the family of an American farmer, who was also engaged in land management. The mother kept the household and worked on the loom. Rough and fine fabrics were partially used in the home and taken to the market.

Pollock was the fifth child in the family. The father often had to move from one state to another and the family followed him. The boy watched how farmers live in different places. He showed great interest in the life and culture of the Indians, who at that time still met in the American open spaces. As a teenager, a friend accidentally chopped off a phalanx of his finger. This incident is deeply engraved in Jackson's memory.

Creative searches

At sixteen, Pollock entered the School of Applied Arts to get some kind of education. Within the walls of the educational institution, he got acquainted with the occult and abstraction. He could not master the classical technique of applying paints to the canvas. When he was expelled from the school, the future artist moved to New York and got a job in an experimental workshop. Here, what is called creativity "gone". Jackson learned to use liquid paint in a short time.

In the early 40s, the public already knew the works of the Mexican abstract artist David Siqueiros. There was someone to learn from. In just two years, Pollock not only caught up with the famous luminary in skill, but also significantly surpassed him. It should be noted that Jackson, in parallel with creativity, took rehabilitation courses in a psychiatric hospital. In fact, the drawing process has become part of the healing process. Newspapers began to write about Pollock's paintings.

Essays on personal life

A person who is periodically treated in a psychiatric hospital, and in between procedures sprinkles paints on the canvas, cannot have a normal personal life. However, contrary to all predictions and predictions, Jackson met and became close friends with an artist named Lee Krasner. Husband and wife lived under the same roof for almost fifteen years. In 1956, love evaporated and Pollock took a fancy to another woman. The creative union fell apart.

During another binge, Jackson got behind the wheel of a car and lost control of a steep bend. The artist died from his injuries on August 11, 1956.

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