Fedishin Irina Petrovna: Biography, Career, Personal Life

Fedishin Irina Petrovna: Biography, Career, Personal Life
Fedishin Irina Petrovna: Biography, Career, Personal Life

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Fedishin Irina Petrovna is a famous Ukrainian pop singer and model. Has released four albums: "Your Angel" (2007), "Ukraine carols" (2007), "Password" (2012), "You are only mine" (2017). The singer's creativity develops in two directions: Ukrainian folk style and popular music.

Fedishin Irina Petrovna: biography, career, personal life
Fedishin Irina Petrovna: biography, career, personal life


The famous Ukrainian singer was born on February 1, 1987 in Lviv. As a child, she grew up and was brought up in a creative family - her mother worked in a cultural center, and her father was a musician. At an early age, Irina discovered her musical, vocal and stage abilities. For the first time in front of a large audience, the girl sang when she was only 3, 5 years old. Song performance - Irin's wedding gift to the godmother. Therefore, the debut was the Ukrainian folk song "I sat under a pear", which little Irina rehearsed for a long time with her father. At that moment, the girl realized her love for music and realized that singing and singing songs bring her great pleasure and this is what she wants to do in the future. But the girl's parents were not happy with this idea. My father knew that only a few achieve real success in the creative field. And he believed that studying music was a frivolous hobby, which sometimes brings more disappointments than victories. Therefore, he persuaded his daughter to give up singing and not even think only with music to connect his fate. Directed her to the decision to get some more serious profession.

At the age of 6, Irina tried herself as a presenter and she did it perfectly. At school, she participated in creative activities and was a leader everywhere. Having considered mathematical abilities in their daughter, the parents enrolled Ira in a chess club. But the future of the chess player did not attract her young creative nature at all.

At the age of 13, Ira decided to get a music education and began to study at a music school. She was immediately enrolled in the fourth grade. Affected by the high level of self-education at home. Irina graduated from music school with excellent marks.

The first musical instrument of the future singer was a synthesizer. She quickly learned to improvise on it and began to write her first songs.

Even during her studies, she was often the host of concert programs. She was sent to continue her studies at the conservatory or music school. But Irina chose the Ivan Franko Lviv National University. While studying at the Faculty of Economics, she continued to study music and vocals with private teachers.


Career and creativity

While studying at a music school, Irina Petrovna wrote her first song "Before the Image of Christ."

In 2005, the singer performed in the semifinals of the national Eurovision Song Contest, and in 2006 and 2009 she performed in the concert program "Shlyager of the Year". She was a member of the creative association "Lyra".

In 2007, Irina released the album "Your Angel", which was sold in huge numbers in Western Ukraine.

At the end of 2007, the singer released the album "Ukraine Carols". For 1, 5 months, more than ten thousand copies of the album were sold. Irina Petrovna wrote some of the songs for her album herself.

In 2012, the album "Password" was released.

In 2015, Irina Fedishin won the Ukrainian format competition of Ukrainian songs with the song Heart Beat.

In 2016 she gave concerts in Ukraine in several dozen cities. On November 4, 2016 in Kiev in the October Palace a solo concert of the singer "Kalina Blossoms" took place.

In 2017, Irina Petrovna's fourth album "You are only mine" was released.

In 2018, singer Irina Fedishin took part in the eighth season of The Voice of the Country. At the blind auditions she performed her own song "Little Palms".

Personal life

Irina Fedishin is the wife of Ukrainian producer and presenter Vitaly Chovnyk. The singer's husband is the director of the Irina Fedishin Concert Agency.The singer and her husband live in Lviv and are raising two sons: Yura and Oleg. Irina's father works as an administrator, and her mother is the owner of a small store.

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