Why Do Fires Occur?

Why Do Fires Occur?
Why Do Fires Occur?

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The fire is terrible, first of all, because of its uncontrollability. If a flamed flame quickly spreads through the house or through the forest, then it is almost impossible to stop it. A fire can occur for various reasons, the only way to prevent it is to be careful when handling fire, but there are situations when a fire occurs without human intervention.

Why do fires occur?
Why do fires occur?

A fire causes irreparable material damage, as well as harm to human health or death. This is a combustion process that can occur spontaneously or be the result of intentional or accidental arson. Fire is difficult to stop, especially in open air and in windy weather, as oxygen intensifies the fire and the wind helps spread it.

The fire can be domestic and industrial. Domestic fires occur in residential buildings and public buildings. As a rule, it can start due to malfunctions in the operation of the electrical network, gas leakage, improper handling of electrical appliances (for example, leaving them unattended plugged into a socket), malfunctions of heating appliances, sparks or hot ash from fireplaces on a flammable coating, as well as careless handling of matches and an outstanding cigarette.

Household fires are spread by open windows and doors, through which a strong stream of air and oxygen penetrates. In addition, through the ventilation pipes and adjacent balconies, the fire easily passes to neighboring rooms, if timely measures were not taken to extinguish it.

An industrial fire breaks out in industrial plants. Its causes are: errors in the design and construction of industrial buildings, non-compliance with fire safety measures by workers, violation of technologies during work (for example, during welding), improper operation of electrical equipment, careless handling of fire.

The spread of an industrial fire is facilitated by: a high concentration of combustible substances in the air, the presence of a large amount of combustible materials and liquids in rooms or warehouses, as well as their improper storage, open doors and windows, malfunctioning stationary extinguishers (fire extinguishers).

A fire occurs when three factors are present:

• flammable substance or flammable material;

• fire, chemical reaction or electricity;

• the presence of oxygen or other oxidizing agent that accelerates the combustion process.

Ignition occurs when a material or substance is heated to the point of thermal decomposition, which produces carbon monoxide and a large amount of thermal energy.

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