What Is Civic Duty

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What Is Civic Duty
What Is Civic Duty

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In modern society, there is such a concept as "civic duty". It means the desire of a citizen to comply with laws and establish justice in the society around him.

What is civic duty
What is civic duty

The emergence of civic duty

Throughout the history of mankind, social relations have not ceased to improve. Each person is in a system of certain relationships with other members of society. At a certain point in life, there comes the realization that the social environment is a complex system in which all individuals play a certain role, influence each other and different situations. At the same time, some actions are positive and fair, while others are negative and lead to an imbalance in society. As a result, citizens of the state are aware of the need to have a positive impact on the processes taking place within it and other people. This is a civic duty.

The fulfillment of civic duty begins from the moment a person realizes his civic position, and he forms a certain idea of ​​how to solve problems arising in society. This is largely influenced by public opinion, the experience of previous generations, the craving for an ideal society and just common sense.

Manifestation of civic duty

The fundamental factor of civic duty is the acceptance of the existing legal system in the state. Being a citizen doesn't just mean having a passport. It is important to constantly interpret rights and remain prepared to fulfill your responsibilities. For example, a citizen has the right to self-defense, and all men liable for military service must fulfill their civic duty to protect the country. Thus, civic duty becomes a kind of payment for the rights and freedoms provided by the state. The latter is determined by the legislation of the state.

Nevertheless, the formation of civic duty is influenced not only by the established laws, but also by the position of the person himself as a social subject responsible for the future of the new generation. Human nature makes it necessary to resist injustice, infringement of rights and violation of the law. In these and other cases, he usually strives to change the situation in a positive direction by showing his civic duty.

One of the main factors in the awareness of civic duty in the country is the legitimacy of state power. Holding elections that comply with the laws, drafting laws that do not infringe on anyone's rights and establishing a social order favorable for life help to form a positive attitude in society and force citizens to protect not only personal rights, but also act in the interests of the entire state.

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