How To Get Out Of A Binge On Your Own

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How To Get Out Of A Binge On Your Own
How To Get Out Of A Binge On Your Own

Video: How To Get Out Of A Binge On Your Own

Video: How To Get Out Of A Binge On Your Own
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Binge is a condition in which alcohol is consumed for several days. As a rule, a person at this time experiences all the signs of severe intoxication - vomiting, weakness, headache, and sometimes hallucinations. When the realization comes that something needs to be done with this, it will be necessary, firstly, to collect all the willpower, and, secondly, to start removing alcoholic poisons (toxins) from the body.

How to get out of a binge on your own
How to get out of a binge on your own


Step 1

As soon as the decision to get out of the binge is made, take an aspirin tablet, activated charcoal (1 tablet per 10 kg of weight) and try to fall asleep. During sleep, some of the toxins will already be released.

Step 2

When you wake up, start drinking a lot of weak, sweet tea. Glucose will help normalize the work of the cardiovascular system. Coffee in this state is contraindicated. It is better to prefer fermented milk products in addition to tea. If vomiting interferes with food intake, drink no-shpu (2 tablets at intervals of 3 hours). Continue to take activated charcoal as well (three times a day).

Step 3

Force yourself to eat, this will speed up the elimination of poisons from the body. The stomach should work. Drink broth through "I can not" (bouillon cubes will do). Fight vomiting: take a couple of sips and stay in real estate, let the broth digest a little. Be prepared for stress and low mood. Nobody promised that getting out of the binge was easy.

Step 4

Take valocordin 20 drops in 1/3 cup of water. Try to distract yourself from bleak thoughts and possible remorse. You can watch TV, but not the news (there is a lot of negativity). Comedy, KVN, doctor's talks, Kultura channel - this is more suitable.

Step 5

The first day of giving up alcohol is best spent in bed. Any physical activity can lead to arrhythmias and even fainting. If by the evening you have not drunk a drop of alcohol, and vomiting has stopped, mentally congratulate yourself on the victory - you have taken the first step towards recovery.

Step 6

On the second day, you can get up and start moving. Ventilate the room, walk more. You can go back and forth around the apartment, but don't leave the house yet (in order to avoid meetings with comrades and other temptations). Drink more water - up to 3-4 liters per day, it will carry away the remains of toxins. Try solid foods like bread, vegetable stew, and cottage cheese. It is better to give up meat for now.

Step 7

On the third day, you should feel much better. Normalize your diet, eat as usual. Make sure to get some sleep during the day. Do not torment or scold yourself, this will not help the business, but it can lead to deep depression. This is dangerous. Try to switch your thoughts to the positive.

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